Online Entrepreneurs In Africa And Their Struggles

Owning a business has always been the dream of an average African.

This is because; Africans have always been taking part in buying and selling of goods and services, from time immemorial.

With the advent of online entrepreneurship, many Africans have found ways, to build their businesses around the internet and some have, even, become online entrepreneurs.

As online entrepreneurs, they make money, via their Internet-based businesses.

The biggest difference, between the online market place and the traditional brick and mortar market place, is that the web entrepreneur leverages the Internet, to generate income, while the other entrepreneur’s core focus is on having the products and services, located in a permanent physical structure, waiting for patronage.

This does not mean that non-internet based businesses avoid the use of the internet.

It just means that their value proposition is not derived, from the Internet.

That said, there are challenges, causing limitations, for Africans, in carrying on business, via the internet because, it is a new sphere for them. Some of these challenges include:

Limited Data Connection

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One such challenge is a limited data connection.

For the efficient running of online businesses in Africa, there should be unlimited access to data for entrepreneurs.

This, unfortunately, is not the case in Africa. The battle for data connection is a constant struggle because of pricing and network challenges.

Limited Skill Set

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The field of online business, is quite new and foreign, to Africans, hence, a limit to their knowledge of how to go about it.

An online business, like every other business, requires a certain skill set, but unfortunately, some are not readily available in Africa, due to lack of manpower, insufficient funds for training and many more.

Finding The Right Product, To Sell Online

Online entrepreneurs - cfamedia
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Another challenge that, the average African online entrepreneur goes through, is the challenge, of finding the right products and services, to sell online.

As much as online business is amazing, there is the need, to understand the platform and decide, whether it is best suited for your business.

Most, importantly, are your potential consumers and customers online? If the answer is no, which, in most cases, is the answer, for many Africans, the task of trying to reach them online, would be, an exercise in futility.

Online Attacks

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Online business, like any other business, is not devoid of attacks.

Notable among the online space are hackers, who are constantly prowling about to hack into online businesses, to cause havoc.

A hacker tries to hijack the business, from the unsuspecting business owner and if proper care is not taken, that could be the end of a business.

Online business is very good for the African entrepreneur, when the business owner is savvy enough, to note the challenges stated above and know how to circumvent them, with a view to growing and scaling the online business.

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