Oncopadi, Nigerian HealthTech Startup to Participate in the Mobile World Congress

Oncopadi - cfamedia
Credit: GSMA

Oncopadi, a health tech Startup, is set to participate in the Mobile World Congress, (MWC), event, taking place in Spain from Monday, February 25, 2019, to Thursday, February 28, 2019.

Oncopadi - cfamedia

The event is organized by the GSM Association, (GSMA), and it brings together disruptive innovations and the latest in cutting-edge technology from more than 2,400 Startup companies across the world.

The theme for this years’ edition is, “Global Connectivity”, which will see over 100,000 decision makers from the mobile tech industry gather to discuss.

Among the nine selected Startups from Africa, Oncopadi is the only Nigerian Startup that will be taking part in the biggest mobile event in the world.

These African Startups got picked through an African Startup Initiative organized by Telecel Global. Telecel Global would make a formal introduction of these Startups at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where they would have the platform to show their innovation to the world.

The World Mobile Congress is not just about exposure for these Startups. They will also get to benefit from Global System Mobile Association, (GSMA) and other related Summit that will enhance their Startups for efficiency and work delivery.

Lola Salako, a Radio Oncologist is the brain behind Oncopadi, a mobile application for cancer. Oncopadi is determined to give its user’s information and resources, through the empowerment of cancer patients, using technology.

Oncopadi - cfamedia

With the use of the app, users have limited access to medical consultants and a way to locate approved medical centers with a specialty in cancer treatment.

According to its site, the health Startup assists users in reducing the risk of cancer from a family with such history. You would learn how to care for a child or an adult living with cancer, chat with a cancer doctor or sign up or download the app.

At Oncopadi, the belief is that prevention is better than cure and one of the ways to ensure this is through screening.