All Nigerian Start-ups Need To Know About The Universal Service Provision Fund, (USPF)

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ICT has been recognized, as the catalyst, that speeds up the economic growth of a country, if well and fully harnessed.

There has, recently, been massive technological innovation improvement, in Nigeria, as more IT companies are springing up, by the day.

One of the good things that has come out of all of these, is the creation of the Universal Service Provision Fund, (USPF), which is one of the provisions of the Nigerian Communications Act, which mandates the Board, to supervise and provide broad policy directions, for the management of the USP Fund.

To, effectively, carry out its duties, the USP created the USPF Changemaker Hackathon.

The USPF Changemaker Hackathon is, a platform, where young tech savvy bright minds, investors, Entrepreneurs, etc., come together, to develop and create technological base solutions, with working prototypes, within 50 hours, through a specified technical guideline.

Objectives of USPF Changemaker Hackathon

The USPF Changemaker Hackathon is, a program created, with the objective of providing:

  • An encompassing platform, where ICT start-ups can create tech-based innovative solutions
  • A breeding ground, for the next big ICT-driven tech solution, in Nigeria.
  • To serve, as a connecting ground, to brilliant software developers, UX Designers, Data Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Investors, etc.
  • To encourage the creation of ICT solutions, capable of deepening ICT penetration, in Nigeria.
  • To showcase Nigerian talents, to the world.
Relevance To Start-ups

No matter how good you are, passing through a well-crafted system, tends to make you better, as well as, increasing your knowledge base and that is, exactly, what USPF hackathon incubation is all about.

  • Start-ups will be well drilled and trained, by experts, on how to craft solutions, to major problems, in the ICT sector.
  • Have the opportunity, to innovate and develop a product, in an enabling environment, with the right mentors.
  • Have the opportunity, to be connected, with top leaders, in the industry.
  • Have the opportunity, to pitch your ideas, to potential investors.

Start-ups have a very important role to play in the development of the country, in terms of economic advancement and this, can only be done, when people are exposed and positioned, in the right path.

The USPF Changemaker Hackathon, held in various zones of the country, comes with pitch presentations, prize money and incubation plans, for the winners.

Start-ups should watch out for entries to the 2020 edition.

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