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New Patent Shows that Apple is Set to Design Foldable Phones

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Indications have shown that Apple is set to build its own unique hinge design that allows enough space between the split smartphone screen.

The unique design is said to be flexible and also allows the display screen to slowly retract when folded and Apple has already moved to patent this unique design.

Foldable smartphones gained momentum last year when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold through a commercial, but it failed to fly due to a visible crease in the middle.

Huawei was also set to launch the Mate X but the smartphone has the same issue the Galaxy Fold has and thus, the launch was suspended.

Apple saw this error and sort to correct it.

Going by this move to patent the unique hinge design, there is a high probability that Apple has found a working solution to the crease problem.

Apple’s unique hinges design was spotted on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The design was will sketched down to the last details.

This patent design shows the space created in between the hinge, that allows the display to stay in a curved state preventing any crease or tension.

Through the use of moveable flaps, the hinge becomes effective.

This design is very similar to the Galaxy Fold that folds out and offers more screen real estate, but it is not like the Motorola Razr 2019 that has a clamshell-like foldable design.

As much as this hinge design is now public, nobody knows if Apply may decide to start producing the smartphone as they have been known to always allow others to test new technological innovations and watch from afar how the technology fair before they (Apple) launch theirs.

The move is new but only time will tell if it will see the light of the day in a few years to come.

Featured Image: iphonehub

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