Networking Books To Increase Your Personal Brand

A personal brand, has to do with the your image, as project to the world.

A personal brand, is like a signpost that you push out in order to attract people, so, that they can be aware and understand what you stand for, what you do and how you can be of service to them.

According to, personal branding allows you to establish a reputation and an identity, while, still, maintaining a personal level of trust and interaction, usually, through social media.

Jayson Demars of Forbes, states that, “People are far more likely to follow you, talk to you, trust you and engage with you, if they believe that, they are interacting with a real person,”.

Below are 6 networking books that you can read, in order to grow your personal brand;


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Written by Ai Ries And Jack Trout. Reading this book, will enlighten you on how to position yourself and your company, in a way that makes sense, in today’s market and tips, on how to carefully grow your brand, are highlighted there.

It also gives heads up, on how to stand out in the ever busy world of social media.

The Brand Called You

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By Peter Montoya. This book, will teach you vital principles and skills of personal branding, including, how to craft an emotionally resonant branding message, create top quality branding tools and attract a constant flow of business.

Get Noticed. Be Remembered

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Authored by Krista Clive-Smith. The book will unveil ways, through which professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and even, parents, can develop and control their own personal brands, to influence the way others view them.

In this step by step system, for personal transformation, you will learn, how to create your own personal brand image.

Clearly, consistently and truly authentic, your personal brand, will be fully aligned on the outside, to who you are on the inside.

Me 2.0; Build A Powerful Brand To Achieve Career Success

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Written by Dan Schawbel, everything you need to know about personal branding, has been simplified in this book, to enable you to learn fast.

Four steps are outlined and broken down into simpler forms, for effective communication and maintaining a personal brand.

Influence, (The Psychology Of Persuasion)

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By Robert Cialdini, he stated six universal principles of ethical persuasion and how to use them to become an exceptional personality who can persuade, are propounded in that book by Cialdini and these are; Reciprocity, Scarcity, Liking, Authority, Social Proof, and Commitment/Consistency.

The Success Principles

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In this book Jack Canfield stated 64 principles, on how to be successful, are outlined in this book. Real life examples of people that, have overcome one challenge, or, the other, are documented in this book.

Pick up any of these books to read, follow the principles, or, suggestions they offer and see your brand soar in heights you never imagined you could attain.

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