NCC’s Regulatory Footrint Since 2015 (6): Stepped Up Consumer Engagement For Quality Service Provision

Consumer Engagement - cfamedia

The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, identified telecom consumers as very important stakeholders in the industry because they are the final users of all the products and services provided by the telecom operators and service providers.

In this regard, therefore, the Commission declared the year 2017, as ‘The Year of the Consumer’, by the Commission.

The philosophy behind this initiative, emanated from the need to address, crucial matters, affecting Telecom consumers.

Since the 2017 declaration, the Commission has, increasingly, implemented initiatives, centered around the Telecom consumers, in a bid, to satisfy the consumers because, they are critical, to the telecoms value chain.

Over the last four years, the Commission has redoubled its effort, in carrying out continuous engagement, with Telecom consumers, through its various consumer engagement channels, which include:

  • Telecoms Consumer Parliament, TCP
  • Consumer Outreach Programme, COP
  • Consumer Town Hall Meeting, CTM
  • Elite Forum
  • Consumer Conversation Forum, among others. etc.

These various engagement fora have provided copious avenues, for the Commission, to formulate regulations, in such a way that, they address the yearnings and concerns of the Telecom consumers, without adversely affecting the quality of services, provided by the Telcos.

It has, also, afforded the Commission, to educate the Telecom consumers, on such issues as, the Do-Not-Disturb, DND, short code, to prevent them, from receiving unsolicited messages and the 622 toll-free phone number, which the Telecom consumers can call, to resolve their issues, without paying for such calls, etc.

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