NCC: Why Nigerians are Experiencing Depletion on Internet Data – Data plan (4)

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Frequently asked questions on internet data consumption/depletion/usage by NCC

Is it possible that someone is stealing my data?

This could be because your hotspot or Wi-Fi password might have been compromised.

You should, therefore, ensure that your password is secure at all times.

You should also be careful of who has access to your phone since data can be shared or transferred without your knowledge.

Can I Check my Data if I Suspect that Something is wrong?

Yes. Most smartphones allow you to check your usage – you can even set a cap as explained previously.

Also, there are some free applications that monitor your usage – these are however approximations and may record significantly different amounts from your actual usage.

Why do data plans with “unlimited access plan” get exhausted before the end of the month/plan period?

Unlimited data plans usually have restrictions embedded in the terms and conditions of service.

It is advisable to check terms and conditions relevant to your specific data plan.

Thus, if you encounter such problem, you need to check the terms and conditions of service.

However, if what you experience is contrary to the terms and conditions of service applicable to your data plan, you should contact your service providers for prompt resolution within 24-48hrs.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution, then contact NCC for the necessary assistance.

Why should network service provider display pop up messages to ask if the recharge is to be used for data or voice?

The pop-up message is basically a method of easing the process of converting your airtime to data or leaving it for voice services.

This is intended to empower you to decide how you wish to use your recharge.

This should be ignored or cancelled by consumers who are not interested.

Why is it that additional data given to subscribers after making subscription to data promos, get easily exhausted?

The terms and conditions of the promo data must be noted and understood by the consumers before subscribing for any such promo.

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