NCC: Why Nigerians are Experiencing Depletion on Internet Data – Controlling Data Usage (2)

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Frequently asked questions on internet data consumption/depletion as explained by NCC

Last time, we stated that the Nigeria Communications Commission developed some Frequently asked questions (FAQs) with regards to data consumption and usage.

Today we bring to you more on them

How do Internet Service Providers (ISPs) estimate data usage?

Your data consumption depends on a large number of factors.

As mentioned above, the nature of technology (2G, 3G, 4G or 5G), the quality of the network, the speed of download, the type of websites you visit, the specifications of your handset, and so many other factors contribute to your data consumption.

For instance, two handsets can use different amounts of data to download or stream the same video on YouTube!

The following approximations give an estimation of data usage.

Please note that these are mere estimations provided by an operator based on typical/average file sizes.

  • 1 Hour of Social Media = 200mb
  • 1 Hour of Browsing = 60mb
  • 1 Hour of Instant Messaging with video calls = 140mb
  • 1 Hour of streaming music = 60mb
  • 1 Hour of Streaming Videos = 350mb (Non HD) and 1GB (HD) 1 Email sent or received with attachments = 500kb
  • 1 minute of connected game play = 60mb
What activities use up the most data

As you will notice from the answer to question 6 above, the most common activities (inclusive of uploads and downloads) that use large amounts of data are as follows:

  • Downloading and watching videos online especially on sites Like Netflix and YouTube.
  • Sending and receiving emails with large attachments
  • Software updates and virus? definition updates
  • Going on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok etc.
  • Playing Games on a website or via a downloaded app
  • Remote security cameras
  • Data sent between sites on a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Mobile App online Notifications from social media, social marketing sites etc.
 How can I use my mobile Data wisely or avoid Data wastage

There are number of things you can do to manage your mobile data usage so that it does not deplete quickly, but instead last longer.

The following are examples

  • Disable mobile data when it is not needed
  • Use data compression in your browser
  • By reducing video streaming quality from video sites such as YouTube,
  • Netflix, Hulu, Showtime – you can use from 1080p or default/ auto setting to 240p for optimal viewing and lower data consumption. This may however affect the quality of your experience.
  • By deactivating all cloud storages except when / where necessary.
  • By not breaking or interrupting downloads in-between video sessions.
  • Turn off automatic updates for apps for mobile devices, laptops and personal computer.
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you can to save your mobile data – you
    should however note that there are data security risks to using open/free Wi-Fi connections. Your passwords and personal data are often exposed on such connections.
  • Limit sending and receiving files and push notifications
  • Delete email messages that won’t send and are no longer required
  • Send big files when connected via Wi-Fi or use Wi-Fi for big files
  • Monitor time spent on Social Media
  • Closing apps when you’re done using them can also reduce data usage
  • Set up usage alerts
How can I use my phone to manage my data usage to avoid Data wastage

Your smartphone’s default settings are typically configured to get the best possible experience, which comes at the cost of your data usage.

You can change those settings to manage your data usage in the following ways:

By Manually Capping Mobile Data: To do this,

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage > Billing Cycle

By Manually setting Data Saver

Activate data saver: Locate “Data Usage” on your device and activate“Data Saver”. This will help cut down your data usage by preventing apps from using data in the background.

Disable auto-update on your App store

Disable multimedia auto-download on your social media apps Turn off your data when it’s not in use.

Stop Apps from automatically Synching: to do this,

Go to Setting > Apps & notifications > Select App > Select Disable Background Data

Don’t Stream it, Download It.

It is more advisable to download video or audio content to save data than to stream it online.

  • Set data alert notifications on your mobile phone.
  • Avoid multiple configuration of the same email address on your mobile phone. For instance, do not configure your Gmail address on your email app as well as Gmail app at the same time on the same mobile phone.

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