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The Nigerian Communications Commission has stated that the telecommunication museum at its Head Office where significant and historical telecommunications objects are exhibited is historic.

Abigail Solanke, Director, Corporate Planning, Strategy and Risk Management (CPSRM) at NCC stated this on Tuesday, December 10, 2019, when she received pupils and teachers of Kese Academy Keffi, Nasarawa State, who came on an educational visit to the Commission.

Solanke, was represented by Isa Abdullahi, a Principal Manager in CPSRM Department, who guided 55 pupils of Kese Academy and their teachers on a tour of the telecom museum at the NCC Head Office, Abuja.

Abdullahi, told the visitors that the study tour programme is designed by the Commission to enhance learning by providing pupils and students at all levels of learning the opportunities to participate in non-curriculum activities about telecommunications outside normal school routine.

The pupils on tour of the telecommunications museum at NCC Head Office, Abuja.

Abdullahi also informed the visitors that the Commission’s responsibilities include creating an enabling environment for competition among telecom operators in Nigeria as well as to ensure the provision of qualitative and efficient telecommunications services throughout the country.

Celestina Etu, a Manager in the Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) of the Commission and Abdulmuminu Yusuf, a Deputy Manager in the Corporate Planning, Strategy and Risk Management (CPSRM) Department, also made presentations to the pupils about telecom consumer expectations and the role of NCC as the regulatory authority for telecommunications in Nigeria.

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At the telecom museum, the pupils and their teachers were pleased and excited to behold old scientific, artistic and cultural objects that captured the history of Nigerian postal services like stamps, mail bags and a model of 1895 telephone equipment.

The pupils and their teachers were particularly gratified by the arrangement of the telecommunication artifacts at museum in the order of their historical evolution and use in Nigeria, from postal to telegraphy, to analog and then the modern digital telephony.

Featured Image: Pupils and teachers of Kese Academy, Keffi, Nassarawa with CPSRM  of NCC

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