NCC Prioritises Issues Of Citizens With Special Needs; Danbatta

The Nigerian Communications Commission, (NCC), will continue to prioritise issues, pertaining to people with special needs in the country, with respect to the provision of telecom services and sticking to its non-discriminatory posture, against physically challenged people, in its recruitment process.

The Executive Vice Chairman, (EVC), NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, stated this, when the Commission hosted members of the Association of Physically Challenged Applicants and Workers, (APAW), in Abuja on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

APAW is, an organisation of men and women, from across the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja that, seeks full inclusion of physically challenged persons, in all the recruitment processes and appointments, into all government and private offices, in Nigeria.

Receiving the association on behalf of the EVC, Mrs. Maryam Bayi, Director, Human Capital and Administration, assured the Commission’s support, to APAW, in whatever ways possible, within the ambit of the laws.

According to her, the Commission is, mandated by the Nigerian Communications Act, (NCA), 2003, as well as the Consumer Code of Practice Regulations 2007, to take care of people with special needs, in telecom service provisioning, which she said , it has been doing, over the years.

“Over the years, we have stuck to these legal provisions. In the NCC employment, for instance, there, are people with special needs, so, we don’t discriminate, as a Commission, on the basis of physical challenge.

People with special needs are, also, represented on the Industry Consumer Advisory Forum, (ICAF), which the Commission established, in line with the law; we provide support to this category of people, who are, also, our brothers and sisters, as part of our corporate social responsibilities”, Bayi said.

Bayi furthered stated that, telecom companies, are also, required by the Commission, to take very seriously, issues of people with special needs, who are their customers, by making it easier for them to access telecom services and to be able to access redress mechanisms, for any service complaints.

After the Commission’s responses to all the various questions asked, enquiries made and concerns raised, by APAW members, Godstime Onyegbulam, APAW President, commended the NCC, for paying attention, to the concerns of people with special, in the society.

Featured Image: Mrs. Maryam Bayi Director, Human Capital and Administration & the APAW team

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