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NCC Issues Landing Permit To 55 Space Stations To Date

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The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has, to date, issued Landing Permits, to 55 Space Stations that are providing coverage, over Nigeria’s territorial space.

This was disclosed, by Henry Nkemadu, Director, Public Affairs, NCC, in a recent public notice issued out by the Commission, to notify all relevant stakeholders/operators, in the Nigerian telecommunications market, of the development.

The NCC issued the permits, in line with its Licencing and regulatory functions, given to it, in the Nigerian Communications Act, 2003, which enabled it to develop the Commercial Satellite Communications Guidelines, for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria, which came into effect in November 2018.

“In line with the provisions of Section 13 (1b) of the Commercial Satellite Communications Guidelines, the Commission to date, has issued Landing Permits to 55 Space Stations providing coverage over Nigeria’s territory”, Nkemadu stated in the public notice.

According to Nkemadu, the list of authorised Space Stations, with permit to provide coverage over Nigeria is, available on the Commission’s website, via the URL

Information gathered, from the URL provided by Nkemadu showed the list of the authorized space stations in Nigeria, the name of the satellite and the country from which they are being administered, the orbital location of the satellite, as well as the frequency band of operation, of each space station.

It was, also, gathered from the URL that, the list will be updated, biannually, to reflect the status of market access and all the Landing permits issued, or, modified.

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