NCC Issues Disclaimer Over Fake Websites Spreading False Free Internet Claim

NCC - cfamedia

The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has issued a disclaimer, over a fake website, requesting Nigerians to apply for free internet bundles.

This is, with a view to alerting Nigerians, especially, telecoms consumers, so, they will not fall victim, to the fraudulent intentions of the scammers that own the fake website.

This was disclosed in a Press Release, signed by Henry Nkemadu, Director of Public Affairs, Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC.

“The fake website is asking Nigerian citizens, to apply for a free Internet bundle, ostensibly, being given, by the Nigerian government, in collaboration with NCC”, the Nkemadu, stressed.

“Nigerian government, in collaboration with NCC, is offering all Nigerian citizens up to 20GB of data to stay at home and get up-to-date information in a bid to counter the spread of COVID-19.

All Nigeria citizens are entitled to free Internet connection to stay at home safely and enjoy the Internet in a bid to control the spread of COVID-19. The free Internet package is available to everyone starting from Friday, 27th March, 2020”, the deceptive website claims. in its message.

The website, suspiciously asks Nigerians, to apply for the free Internet, by clicking a web link, which automatically, takes them to a webpage with a dialogue box, where they are expected, to fill in their bio data and other demographics.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the NCC wishes to state, categorically that, neither the Nigerian government, nor the Commission has issued such a message, to Nigerian citizens. In view of the above, the Commission strongly advises Nigerian citizens and all telecom consumers, to beware of this fraudulent, false and spurious claim.

The general public should discountenance the falsehood, which has gained traction by the rise in tempo of its circulation”, Nkemadu stressed in the Press Release.

The Press Statement, further stressed that, the message should be disregarded, in its entirety. The said website is said to be a sham and a total deception, to dupe Nigerians of their hard-earned money and to harness personal data, for fraudulent purposes.

“Consistent with the consumer-centric policy of NCC, the Commission wishes to sensitise Nigerians, to the antics of cyber criminals, who will want to take advantage of this challenging period of a rampaging pandemic and the stay-at-home directive,of the government, to scam telecom consumers and the general public”, Nkemadu observed in the Press Statement.

“The NCC, therefore, uses this opportunity, to reiterate its commitment, towards deepening access, to telecoms services and its dedication, to strengthening the protective measures it has instituted, to safeguard the rights of over 128 million Internet users, across mobile networks in Nigeria”, Nkemadu concluded.