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Naspers Foundry Funds South African Agric Start-up Aerobotics

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Some businesses across some major sectors, all over the world, might be shut down, due to the ravaging effects, of the novel coronavirus pandemic, but some investors are looking beyond the pandemic and are financing start-ups that show real potential for growth.

A South African based start-up, Aerobotics, has recently raised the sum of $5.5 million dollars, from a group, known as Naspers Foundry.

The agric-tech start-up, will use the fund to keep expanding its operations, all over Africa, as well as the United States of America, of which it has, already started to venture in and gain ground.

The start-up provides farmers, with an accurate insight into proper mapping and other tools that, effectively, eradicates damage to tree and vine crops, from pests as, well, as diseases.

Founded in 2014, in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, Aerobotics has been able to, effectively, detect ailing trees and plants, by using captured images, from drones and satellites.

The captured images undergo critical evaluation, through algorithms powered machine learning.

This process has seen the start-up, help farmers, especially, wine farmers to, effectively, detect the condition of their plants.

Farmers swiftly move into action, to help ameliorate the conditions, which optimizes crop performance.

“Our journey is only just beginning, but already, Aerobotics has demonstrated success, in our ability to collect and analyse tree and fruit-level information, which are critical to the agricultural industry.

We have seen great support, from commercial-scale farmers and more recently, crop insurance companies, in the US, who require accurate tree-level information, about their clients”, stated James Paterson, CEO, Aerobotics.

“We are excited to have Naspers, as a partner, bringing proven skills in building global technology companies together, with the capital required, to continue building for and with, the agricultural industry”, he concluded.

“This young, all South African team, has produced a world-class technology solution, in South Africa and has, also, successfully entered the US market, where they are gaining momentum.

This type of tech innovation, addresses societal challenges and is, exactly, the type of early-stage company, that Naspers Foundry looks to fund”, explained Phuthi Mahanyele-Dabengwa, South Africa CEO at Naspers, while speaking on this development.

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