Mission Statement Still Matters for Startups Growth and Innovation

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Stating your goals and objectives, are some of the things that benefit your business, eventually.

A new venture on the block, like a business start-up, must state its Mission and Vision statements, which clearly sets a path, to what is intended to be accomplished.

Beyond making money, as the end goal of a business, successful start-ups have a broader sense of purpose, than that.

Accomplishing these means that, your mission statement, must be well constructed, highlighting your core values and establishing your goals.

Here are the reasons your business needs a mission statement;

Defined Goals

Mission statement - cfamedia

This helps you, to establish your goals, either, as short term, or, on a long term basis.

With this in mind, you drive your team members, to have a direction towards, what the organisation sets to accomplish.

Stating goals is not enough. They have to be written down. A well-written goal is better followed through, to accomplishment than just words of mouth.

It makes you accountable and that sets you in a path of putting your words into actions.

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A Guided Future Decision

Mission statement - cfamedia

On a daily basis, business decisions are made based on, available data. These are data, generated, from activities and challenges. Knowing how to drive the right decision, from these challenges, is a function of your mission statement.

The world of business changes constantly. Making the right decision for growth and development is very important.

Solid Company Culture


Studies have shown that more than 90% of executives and 80% of employees believe that, distinct workplace culture is, pertinent to the success of a business.

During your recruiting process, as well, you define your company’s culture, by making it clear, to your potential employees.

Your company culture should be engraved, so as to attract, like-minded team members.

You Get To Know Your “How”

A great mission statement goes beyond showing you what you need to accomplish. It, also, offers you a direction on the “how”, to reach your destination.

The focus on the “how” is, important to guide the strategies that, will set the ball rolling, for accomplishing the mission statement.

Encourage Engagement

With a purposeful mission statement, your staff members tend to stay around for a long time.

They have an understanding of your core values and help work towards it.

They tend to make wise use, of their time, by searching for ways of self-improvement. All in a bid to see that, the company achieves its goal.

A correct vision statement is, like a roadmap that, determines the growth of your start-up. It fuels your energy, to stay on, through and stick to your long term goals.

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