Microsoft Intensify Plans to Reduce its Software Plagiarism in Africa

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Software giant, Microsoft has initiated plans to intensify the push for the reduction of the high piracy rate on its software in different countries across the continent of Africa.

This move was made public during a recent event and it was tagged “Windows PC Affordability in Africa Initiative”.

Microsoft will be collaborating with top PC (personal computers) companies around the world like Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, etc., to achieve its goal of drastically reducing piracy of its software by reeling out the affordability of genuine software across the continent.

According to a statement released by Bradley Hopkinson, Vice President, Consumer & Device Sales, Microsoft “We aim to educate consumers on the risks of using pirated software as well as create an awareness and use this program to further enlighten users both individuals and organizations on the importance of genuine software and the danger of cheap pirated versions presents.” He stressed.

Supporting this is the Regional General Manager, Microsoft Middle East & Africa, Deniz Ozen who stated that “only a third of PCs being shipped into Africa include genuine software and data breaches and malware attacks have significantly increased, resulting in loss of important data and decreased productivity in Africa.”

The Africa continent has been infested with a lot of pirated software that is often installed without the end user’s knowledge, and it is the user who suffers the consequences including lost data and unusable PCs.

But with the Windows PC Affordability initiative, genuine software like Windows 10 which has in-built comprehensive security like ongoing detection and protection from threats will aid user’s productivity.

This move by Microsoft will help increase its potential of the SME sector by providing the necessary genuine software that will close the digital divide and enable them to excel massively.

End users can be rest assured that security measures are very high as the initiative will rid viruses, malware or cyber-attacks that affect organisations, business entities, and students who rely heavily on access to devices, software, and information to complete tasks and projects through the availability of genuine Microsoft software.

It is still unclear how much/affordable this genuine software will cost across Africa but rest assure, Microsoft Corporation will chart out a way of ensuring that the allocated prices are well within the reach as this will determine its success.

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