Meet The Two Start-ups From Africa, Taking Part In The Berlin-based F-Lane Accelerator

With the aim of sharpening business models and to brace start-ups up, for potential investment, the seven-week F-Lane acceleration program, through the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications, has selected five start-ups.

Two start-ups got selected from Africa; Developers in Vogue, from Ghana and Rubi Health, from Nigeria.

Together for Her and Safe & the City, got selected from the UK, while a German start-up, Boost Thyroid, completed the numbers of those selected for F-Lane.

These five finalists would get to pitch, before investors and decision-makers in the business world. This article, will, however, focus on the two African start-ups that made the cut.

Developers in Vogue

Developers in Vogue Website screenshot

Developers in Vogue is a start-up from Ghana, which operates coding boot camps that, are female-focused and also, leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, to get through, to is participants.

Developers in Vogue commenced operations, with the aim of providing a wide range of opportunities, in the tech ecosystem, for African women.

With the notion that a significant number of women, do not participate in technology, the platform, sets to change the narrative.

Developers in Vogue aims at creating a relevant community of amazing African women, who are passionate about using technology, to revolutionise Africa and beyond.

The start-up company, trains and empowers women, such that, they become part of a vibrant network of young women innovators.

According to its website, the start-up company has trained ladies that have secured employment opportunities, at renowned companies like, Microsoft, Vodafone and Stanbic Bank.

Rubi Health

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Rubi Health Website screenshot

This Nigerian start-up, offers telehealth and telepsychiatry services, to its users, with customized solutions, through video chat in rural hospitals, securing a partnership with healthcare entities across Nigeria and Africa.

This is made possible, as the health platform provides the services of clinicians, ( prescribers and Non-prescribers), to ensure the delivery, of telehealth services, through a secured WebRTC-enabled video platform.

According to its website, the Nigerian health start-up platform, is working towards getting acknowledged, by the healthcare profession, as the best service provider around the telemedicine services and technology in Africa.

The set mission of Rubi Health is to create an environment that enables everyone to live healthier, longer, happier lives, no matter their income levels.

The health start-up sets to achieve its mission, through affordable pricing, advanced & optimized technology, as well as partnership.

Featured Image: F-lane

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