Meet the startups that Pitched at Lagos Seedstars Competition

At the Lagos Seedstars pitch event for 2019, Crop2cash an agritech startup emerged the winner.

The Seedstars event is the biggest startup competition across the world, where innovators emerge.

In attendance were other startups that participated in the Lagos Seedstars event and we have come up with a list of them


The startup is a B2B company that aims at transforming the African community through the digitisation of quick access to important goods and services on the continent.

The retail market in Africa is a vast one but it remains informal.

The role they play in their local economies amounts to around 80% of sales, yet local retail stores lack some basics in financial services and business tools.

Alerzo believes that businesses on the continent should have access to digital and financial powers irrespective of boundaries.


With the aim of digitising the old method of saving practiced in rural centres, this digital platform sets to disrupt the cooperative system that has been the African tradition for ages.

Using technology, the startup will manage users’ account activities, generate credit scores and also give access for consumer credits.

Through technology, Asusu set to rebrand the traditional saving system by leveraging technology to bring a facelift to the Nigerian cooperative system.

The startup also plans to make financial inclusion accessible for low-income earners.


Lagos Seedstars - cfamedia

According to its website, the Agric startup is on a mission to lead the world in the provision of agricultural solutions.

With more than 30 million small scale farmers in Nigeria lacking financial access to boost agricultural products.

The startup allows small scale farmers to access digital payments.

Through the creation of tools for agro-processing and making extension services and quality control easy, cashcard is helping to digitise the value chain of food crops across the country.


Lagos Seedstars - cfamedia

The health tech startup aims to make Nigeria a hub for medical tourism, thereby creating healthier communities in Africa, through the connection of healthcare consumers & professionals to quality healthcare experiences.

With Nigeria as its starting point, Dooctora is establishing an African focused healthcare structure with a special interest for the local people.

Having among its rank, a team of innovators in the startup thrives to create a foremost health service on the continent.


The mission of the educational startup is to enhance education’s quality and access to the continent.

Edusko is providing solutions for school leaders, teachers, and students.

The online platform allows African parents to find their favorite private schools in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other countries beyond the African border.

Parents are empowered with the best of information that informs their decision when making choices for their wards.


With the vision to stay on top as the one-stop-shop grocery and foodstuff items fresh from the farm. Foodlocker wants to address the gaps in infrastructure bedeviling the continent’s food chain value.

Foodlocker provides a rather convenient platform for diverse buyers after it has aggregated outputs from small scale farmers.

According to its website, the startup isn’t just about becoming the largest retail platform in the country but to also provide a proper selection for top-notch quality food.


Lagos Seedstars - cfamedia

It is a multi-niche e-commerce platform for customised merchandise.

The platform provides a choice of corporate gifts and souvenirs, with the aim of becoming Africa’s go to online platform.

According to the site, the platform offers its deliveries at the best time to its users through an organised and dedicated team.

One Kiosk Africa

The platform seeks sets to transform the retail market via technology in delivering within 20-59 minutes.

One Kiosk Africa wants to change the ecommerce narrative by possibly making every man a potential goods and service merchant.


This is a Service as a software (SaaS) platform that provides pharmacies with inventory management services


Lagos Seedstars - cfamedia

Publiseer is a free digital publishing platform for independent African authors and artists.

Traders of africa

Lagos Seedstars - cfamedia

This ecommerce platform focus on driving, intra and inter-Africa trade using technology. Tradersofafrica aims to create a level of sustainable wealth for the African continent.

With TradersofAfrica, merchants are offered the platform and support required to grow their venture.

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