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Meet the 8 Winners of the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge

Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge - cfamedia

Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge, an innovation competition orgnanised by Utopia has announced winners that took part in its premier challenge.

Aimed at sorting solutions to help in solving delicate issues around urban challenges in Lagos.

Founded in Silicon Valley, Utopia invests in emerging African cities through its Megacity fund initiative. Involved in the building infrastructures for entrepreneurs in the urban centres to change their cities via a network of CITYLABS.

From over 170 applications into the challenge, Utopia selected eight winners, who will now go ahead to participate in the premier urban accelerator in Africa.

The evaluation of the entrants got based on the viability of their ideas, its originality, scalability, its capacity to handle critical challenges and the ability to create a solution. Over $10 000 in prizes was awarded to the winners

Olamide Udoma-Ejorh, Team Lead, Lagos Urban Development Initiative commented:

“It has been a pleasure to be a partner of the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge.

After reviewing some submissions I am sure it is going to be hard to select the winners from a pool of over 170 submissions.

What I love about this challenge is that we are asking entrepreneurs, thinkers, and creatives to think outside the box to find solutions.

Not for a select few, but for the masses and this includes the urban poor. It is exciting and it has never been done before.”

Here the winners of the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge;

Fly Colony

This platform leverages food waste in the production of protein-rich animal feed ingredient via Black Soldier Fly Farming.

Majorly Fly Colony addresses two challenges; environmental degradation and food wastage. Also providing data analytics services and feed formulation.


A cloud-based solution deployed on mobile. It supports communities in managing their affairs with efficiency.

Helping to manage communications, visitors, payments and governances in a convenient process.

With this platform, stakeholders are driven to get more involved in their community governance.


Leverages IoT to automate and digitise the PET recovery process. The platform helps aggregators and off-takers to optimize their logistics and provides them with constant supply of PET


The platform is designed to assist healthcare organisations in improving the experience of patients enhanced by quality care.

Medispark also work with their customers and partners to improve their products while offering flexible solutions.

NIMA Codes

A simple and smart addressing system based on phone contacts for locations without formal street address.


An end-to-end crowdsourcing platform for mapping and retail insights across the emerging world.

The solution is a consumer-facing mobile app for crowdsourcing points of interest, paired with an enterprise portal for retail insights and analytics.


A sharing economy e-commerce platform that allows users to pool money to purchase food and daily requirements in bulk.

This allows them to save cash on the bulk purchase while having their items get delivered to their doorstep in time.


A data-driven platform that gives real-time (on/off) information and total hours of electricity supply in selected areas.

With the app, users are notified about the power supply in their area, before they ask.

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