Mauritius: A Suitable Location For Startup Entrepreneurs

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Getting a school degree has proved, not to be much of an advantage, to many youths in the present economy.

In spite of the acquisition of certificates obtained from tertiary institutions, present youths are, usually advised, to opt for entrepreneurship, as their basic source of livelihood, rather than continue to bear the frustration of looking for non-existent jobs.

When they, eventually, manage to get one, it comes with very low pay.

In starting a business, however, one may decide to locate such a business in any part of the world for a number of reasons.

Mauritius is, according to the World Bank, the easiest country to do business, on the continent of Africa.

The user-friendly legislation, the well governed polity and the political stability of Mauritius, are the positive attributes that encourages businesses to blossom in Mauritius.

The culturally rich local population comprises of Indians, Africans, the French and the Chinese, and its dynamic community, offers creative fusion of ideas, businesses and lifestyles, for Startups.

Co-working spaces have been springing up in major business hubs on the Island, in the last few months.

Accommodating all sorts of lifestyles, is one of the beauties of Mauritius, however, the cost of living of an average citizen is similar, to that of a non-capital city in Western Europe.

In Mauritius, creative work is done, from almost anywhere. From cafes to restaurants, hotels and other co-working spaces, Mauritius offers a sense of relaxation, when it comes to working.

Cafes and eateries, such as, Peaceful Haven Cafe Muller in Grand Baie, or, the modern cafe in the capital city of Port Louis, are favorite places, where entrepreneurs find it easy to spend time off work.

Vanilla Village, in Black River, offers workspaces, cafe-restaurant and a fiber-optic connection, matching that of co-working fiber-optics, as a more high-end fix, where Mauritius excels in.

According to David Tinker, the Business Exchange Founder, Mauritius has various recognition to its name that makes it a suitable business environment for South Africans and people from other nations.

Mauritius has received global achievements, such as earning a spot on the Global Competitiveness Index from 2017 to 2018.

Making it earn a competitive place in the Forbes Survey of Best Countries for Business in 2017 and earning the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World title in 2017.

Before registering your business in Mauritius, you need to identify the business model chosen, especially, the Mauritius venture, suitable to meet the basic needs.

Mauritius offers several businesses for startup entrepreneurs and financiers, such as Offshore companies, Protected Cell Companies ‘PCC’, Trusts and Foundations, Limited Partnership and several others.

More than just beaches and a honeymoon location, Mauritius is a world of opportunities for Startup entrepreneurs to locate and thrive.

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