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The term, Gen Z (Generation Z) became more prominent, when demographers and researchers, started using it, extensively, in reference to individuals birthed, between the mid-1990s to early-2000s.

One prominent thing about individuals that falls within this generation space is that they are more comfortable with technology.

They have started using the internet, ever since they were young and are, extremely, updated, with technological trends, innovation and social media.

This generation, allegedly, has an attention span of 8 seconds, which is lower than the 12 seconds of millennials.

It has been estimated that, by 2020, Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers, with $44 billion, in buying power, which can, also, expand to $600 billion, when the expenditure of their parents is, included.

Organisations, across the world, are, on high alert, to this and have started increasing their marketing plans to put more focus on this space and get more Gen Z, to buy their products and services.

According to Campaign Monitor, who carried out a survey, involving over 300 Gen Z, to learn, exactly, how they interact with their favorite brands, from email to social media.

The correspondent ranges, from 14 to – 16-years, with 96.39% between the ages of 18 – 24.

45% of teens said that they are constantly online and 44% said that, they are online, multiple times in a day.

When it comes to the use of social media, there is a variant present, as some use Twitter, to get news, the use of Instagram is to exhibit their aspirational lives, Snapchat is used to share their daily life, while Facebook is used for information.

When it comes to Gen Z favorite social media platforms, while 85% of Gen Z, said that, they are more in tune, with the use of YouTube, 32% use YouTube, more than, any other social media channels.

69% of Gen Z, use Snapchat and 35% use Snapchat, more than, any other social media channel.

72% use Instagram but 15% use Instagram more than any other social media channel.

When it comes to the use of Email, 58% of Gen Z, check their email, multiple times in a day, 23% check, once in a day, 12.1%, check a couple of times in a week, 5.2% check once a week, while 0.98% never check.

37.4% of Gen Z receives 1–5 emails daily, 29.5% receives 6-20 emails daily, 18% receives 18-50 emails daily, 9.1% receives 100 emails daily, while 5% receive over 100 emails in one day.

According to the Survey, over the past months, 28.5% of Gen Z has purchased something, 2-5 times, as a direct result, of an email, while 33% has purchased something, 2-5 times, as a result of seeing it on social media.

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Almost all Gen Z, prefer social media, as a pathway to engage with brands.

To get this generation interested in what you offer, you should employ some captivating strategies and marketing plans. Some are highlighted below:

Be very creative, in your videos and simulation, as much as you can

Find a way, to connect with them, on a human level

Personalised experience, should be topnotch, by including the use of data, in your marketing plans, to deliver the best experience.

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