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How To Market A New Business On A Limited Budget

Gone are the days, when marketing a business, was very expensive and only bigger brands could afford the huge cost.

These days, you can market your business on a limited budget and still get to compete effectively with the bigger boys in the industry.

Below are 5 ways you can market your business effectively on a limited budget:

Ready To Pitch

The opportunity to pitch your business can come up at any time of the day, at any time and you just have to get ready.

Get ready to market the business effectively. Rehearse your key points every time and anywhere you are.

Do not be too confident that you know everything about the business by heart. Call your friends together and pitch to them.

Let them listen and correct you anywhere that they feel you got it wrong.


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Knowing how to network and carrying out networking effectively, is one of the key points when it comes to marketing the business.

Sitting down in one place will not give you the needed exposure that you need, to boost the awareness of the business.

Go out there to events and seminars, meet up with people, shake their hands and connect with them. Tell them what you do and share with them, your business card.

Let Your Presence Be Felt On LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you the platform to network effectively, on social media. It also helps you to connect with potential customers/clients and new business associates.

A Relationship With Existing Customers

Limited budget - cfamedia

Connect with all your existing customers and ensure that they receive emails that are beneficial and informative to them.

Remember to send them messages during their birthdays and during the holidays.

Participate In Collaborations

If a project is too big for you to carry out alone, you can partner with other people and spread out the expenses.

This ensures that your expenses are cut down and you end up saving more.

Work More On Referrals

Limited budget - cfamedia

This is the cheapest and easiest trick in the book. Have your existing customers refer your products and create an incentive for a customer, who refers and brings in customers for you.

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