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Many Data Breaches Are Unreported In Nigeria; Remi Afon, On Cyber Security In Nigeria

The internet has come to ease off many of our hard and difficult tasks that we carry out on daily basis. It has also made information easily accessible to us in real time too, however, this also poses a greater threat to our being, as the activities of Cyber criminals, are capable of making nonsense of whatever gains that we noted that we have achieved. This is where, taking cyber security measures to protect our online accounts and transactions. I recently had Remi Afon, President, Cyber Security Experts Association, on the Tech Trends Show on Channels Television, and he spoke on cyber security and data privacy and lots more.

CFA: What do you think about our cyber security preparedness?

Remi: Talking about preparedness, no country can claim to be 100% prepared, in terms of cyber security, but it is worthy of note, to say that, we need to have certain things in place, to show some level of preparedness, to ensure our level of preparedness, to ensure that we are resilient and in terms of that, to answer your question directly, we are not really prepared to that level..

CFA: It’s been quite a year, since we had this conversation last. From that time till now, what has changed, in terms of cyber security?

Remi: Cyber security, in terms of cyber attacks have increased in volume and the attack is becoming more ferocious and we’ve recorded a lot of data breeches. A lot of organizations have recorded data breeches, but unfortunately, here in Nigeria, people don’t disclose whenever they get breeched, but in terms of global reporting, we discovered that a lot of organizations have been hit badly, in terms of cyber attacks.

You can watch the full interview here

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