Majority of Nigerians Still Don’t Value WhatsApp Call

Personally, I think one of the greatest feature Facebook added to WhatsApp is the capacity to make voice calls. You can call anyone on your contact list. In as much as your data is on and you have the WhatsApp App installed on your device.
Many people are taking advantage of this innovation and at the same time cutting cost. Hence, the gradual shift from voice to data. That is why the Telcos are still battling with how to contend with OTT players (WhatsApp, Skype etc)
WhatsApp call works via the Internet i.e. it uses your data plan, not your network’s voice calling ability. So it works like Skype. The receiver must be connected to the internet too before it can work.
You won’t be charged for making a call. However, you will be charged for using data, depending on your phone’s data plan.
Meanwhile, I have discovered that some Nigerians, especially the women don’t give a damn about WhatsApp (Not all). They claim that signal transmission process isn’t usually clear. This to some extent is the truth, just like when you make voice calls and the network gets bad.
A few ladies closed to me that I tried calling via WhatsApp blatantly told me they don’t like WhatsApp call. This kind of situation is slightly manageable but you dare not call someone you haven’t met before on WhatsApp. This is not acceptable here. That is the perception. But in reality, nothing is wrong with that. Is the same thing as the normal calling.
Below is a quote from a Nigerian renowned Vloger, Toke Makinwa. She is one of those ladies that doesn’t value WhatsApp call. Sadly, her post has gone viral on the web influencing other ladies.
“I think it’s ok to WhatsApp, just as long as you as you only call. I think calling shows that he’s actually putting some effort into wanting to speak with you.
When I say call, I don’t mean WhatsApp call. Spend your money. Let me feel as if you are on the phone for like an hour on your money. I personally feel If a guy WhatsApp calls me, I feel a certain type of way. If I am out of the country and we are in different times zones, that’s different. Yeah he can WhatsApp call.
But if we in the same country and you refuse to use your credit to call me, and you usung WhatsApp to me… Guys take it from me, Girls like being called. You thinking oh let me not bother her, let me just chat, It makes us think you are lazy.”
Toke being a personality, has capacity to influence other Nigerians who are in the same league. But this is a total misconception that needs to be addressed.
WhatsApp call is one of the finest innovations, so lets get it maximized.