Luno Meetup in Enugu Takes Cryptocurrency Awareness to Eastern Nigeria

As part of its commitment to improving cryptocurrency education and awareness for consumers across Nigeria, Luno, the global cryptocurrency platform, held a successful meetup in Enugu on Saturday, 21 September to boost the understanding of cryptocurrencies and its potential benefits.

The Luno Meetup is a free quarterly event that gathers people with different levels of understanding of cryptocurrencies, from experienced traders to beginners, and provides a platform for them to learn and share ideas on the evolving trends of the market.

Speakers at the Enugu event included cryptocurrency enthusiast, Professor Olaleye Awe, who is a serial entrepreneur with experience in fintech.

As one of the most influential voices on cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, he also hosts weekly training sessions for anyone eager to learn about cryptocurrency.

Topics discussed included “Improving cryptocurrency literacy in Eastern Nigeria”, “Addressing myths around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies” and “Industry information on where cryptocurrencies stand today”.

Speaking at the event, which was held at BON Hotel Sunshine, Chinedu Obidiegwu, Marketing and Community Lead for Luno Nigeria, said, “We strongly believe the world needs to upgrade to a new financial system and that cryptocurrencies can play a huge part in that.

As early pioneers in this industry, we feel it’s our duty to bring this knowledge and excitement to the world as best we can.

“This is why we hold regular meetups and organise cryptocurrency literacy tours across Africa to raise the understanding and level of awareness of cryptocurrencies. It’s about ensuring this happens across the board for consumers, the media and broader stakeholders.”

Recent research from Luno suggests that Africans are more open to adopting cryptocurrencies than people from other continents.

When asked the question “Do you think a single global currency would make the current financial system better or worse?” more than three times as many respondents from Nigeria (23 percent) said it would make it better compared to the UK (7 percent).

Where traditional ways of exchanging value are very expensive, prohibited or subject to fraud across Africa, Luno believes savvy people will love the distribution and access cryptocurrencies provide. Luno also predicts that African markets may be quicker to adopt cryptocurrencies than more developed markets.

Luno is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in Africa, with operations in more than 40 countries across Europe, South East Asia and Africa, and more than three million users on its platform. Since Nigeria is one of its biggest markets, Luno continues to host educational meetups, having already held sessions in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

About Luno

Luno is a leading global cryptocurrency company on a mission to upgrade the world to a better financial system. Luno currently has its headquarters in London with regional hubs in Singapore and Johannesburg and a team of over 290.

With three million customers (wallets) spanning 40 countries, Luno’s products and services make it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Co-founded by CEO Marcus Swanepoel and CTO Timothy Stranex, Luno has raised over $13m in funding since launch in 2015 and is backed by global tech giant the Naspers Group and Rand Merchant Investment Holdings.

Featured Image: cryptocompare

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