Top Lucrative Businesses to Invest in Across Lagos

Lucrative business - cfamedia
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As the most populous and the second fastest growing city in Nigeria, Lagos has long proved to be a land embedded with opportunities, over time. Its greener pastures attract visitors and residents.

To reside in Lagos, however, requires hard work and creativity. Despite the already laid down routes for enterprises, a top lucrative business yields huge profits, when invested in any of the following ventures:

Land and Housing Business 

The appreciative nature of a land maintains its relevance over the years. Unlike other States, land and housing are transacted at huge prices in Lagos State and this factor determines its investment possibilities.

The price of a plot of land in Lagos State cannot be compared with the price for the same in another Nigerian state.No matter the amount spent to purchase land, selling the land will gain much more turnover when resold in subsequent years.

To invest in housing is also very profitable; Lagos has many estates and projects, with various housing offers and the truth is that customers for housing are never scarce, thus, the validity of the lucrative business.

Food and Delivery Business 

Spending thirty minutes or an hour in Lagos traffic can be extremely exhausting. The need for tremendous hustle in Lagos fuels the large consumption of food. Food business thrives because man will always eat to survive; to invest in food business has much untold gains.

Asides from the normal delicacies, creativity has also brought about great interest in providing food for sales to Lagosians. It is such a lucrative business if properly handled.

People busy at their homes, or, offices have food and other products easily delivered to them. The stress of going to purchase these products directly is curbed.

Events Planning and Decoration 

Lucrative business - cfamedia
Apart from the stress, hustle and overpopulated state, Lagos is, also, notable for parties referred to as, ‘owambe’. To have a successful party in Lagos, the major things to consider are the planning and the decoration.

Residents pay much money into this vocation and like other innovative ventures, profits are yielded. Concerts held in Lagos over the weekend also require event planning and decoration.

Decoration at an event is excellently executed with the use of sophisticated facilities. The expenses of these facilities are nothing to compare, with the huge income realized over time.

An item for lighting or decoration purchased at ₦500,000 would yield more profit in more than ten folds because, whenever that item is used, different customers will always be charged.

Another great platform to grow money is in the use of event centers. These centers are built and rented out to customers for use.

Water Production Business 

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Just like food, another business of necessity is water production. To invest in water production guarantees great financial benefits.

It may take a little time, but failure is far from investments in these vocations. It may require you to start saving for some time, to gather capital to invest in your business. Why not start saving for now and benefit from the joy of investment afterward.