Lockdown Experiences: Lessons To Remember in this pandemic

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From ages past, experiences, never cease to adorn human lives, with lessons, that can indisputably last and live with them, for a lifetime.

Our daily lives, will continuously, be a product of life lessons, which end up shaping our decisions and opinions, on living to the fullest.

Without gainsaying the fact, the lockdown came, bearing experiences that we must learn from, as well as the factories responsible for these experiences and adjustments that should be made, subsequently.

One thing that is worthy of note is that, there are and will always be, lessons to be imbibed, some of which are highlighted, in the following paragraphs.

The unforeseen lockdown, revealed the prevalence of financial hardship in the lives of many Nigerian citizens, suggesting, low income earnings, poor saving habits, in our society.

No one could have envisaged a lockdown here in Nigeria, due to a ravaging virus, which started in far away Wuhan.

The lockdown caught many people unawares, as they were not prepared for it.  Daily income earners were the most hit, as they became financially stranded.

Disruption of Work

Most businesses were shut down and provision of services, were disrupted.

This exposed the poor working strategies in most firms, suggesting the failure to develop work strategies, around remote work, which many, eventually, had to employ, to meet targets and provide flexible services.

Lack of Orientation on Public Risk and Poor Emergency Response

People failed to take the pandemic serious, hence, they demonstrated non-nonchalant approach, to the lockdown guidelines.

In fact, there are still many, who are of the opinion that, Coronavirus is only for the rich, since they are always traveling to other countries of the world.

This was responsible for the widespread cases, of the virus, in most countries and this shows that, there is still, the need to step up the orientation of the populace, on public risk and emergency response.

Proper emergency measures, were not put in place, until it became evident that, COVID-19 has invaded our land, with our shoddy response to the situation.

Rise in Insecurity and Crime Rate

Probably, owing to the financial hardship that many were passing through, which was escalated by the lockdown, some people took to crime, for survival.

The loopholes in the security sector was unveiled, thus, there is the need, for more hands, adequately trained and equipped, to handle communal security.

Ailing Service Delivery System

Basic services, saw poor delivery, suggesting the need to improve on means and methods, of service delivery, which would in turn, aid business growth and customer satisfaction.

Transportation Difficulties

Essential service providers, health workers and the likes, who could not afford to miss work, despite the lockdown, had challenges of transportation.

This, also, affected the supply of essentials, like food and drugs, resulting in inflation.

This can, only, be attributed to poor infrastructures and suggests clearly that, there is still a long way to go, in advancing our mode and means of transportation, for days of emergencies like this.

Limiting or Inhibition of Social and Academic Activities

There were, so many functions, meetings, daily worship practices, social interactions and academic activities, that were put on hold, due to the lockdown.

It was not until later that, many began to get the idea of online schooling and hangouts.

This suggests that, we are yet to adopt adequate technology, to facilitate remote socializing and make social interaction flexible.

Putting into consideration all of these lockdown experiences, it can now, be said that, it is expedient, for these negative experiences that, have been identified, will be looked into and rectified by individuals, businesses and the governments, as it concerns them.

This is, so, that things will be easier, for everyone and we will not be caught unawares, in rainy days.

It is pertinent to note that, as the lockdown is gradually, being relaxed, the dangers of the ravaging virus is, still out there, hence, let us keep staying safe,as well as keep hope alive.

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