LinkedIn Users Set for Increased Engagement as Platform Announces New Features

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LinkedIn has over 675 million users worldwide as of February 2020. For most users on the platform, LinkedIn is, a medium for them, to connect through, with other similar professionals.

LinkedIn has the potential, to create a network, for entrepreneurs, in their industry, when utilised accordingly.

What keeps the platform running is its ability, to give room for changes that dictate modern trends.

Some days ago, the team at LinkedIn announced the addition of three new features, to the platform.

These new features got designed, to assist, in the development of deep community engagement, among users.

Here are the new features to explore, on the LinkedIn platform:

LinkedIn Live

Prior to this, producing a Livestream broadcast, on the platform, was an exclusive reserve of personal profiles only.

With this new Live feature, live streaming is, now possible, at any moment.

According to the team at LinkedIn, the engagement on videos is, up to seven times, compared to text, or, image content.

The team has said that leveraging the live streams feature, helps to boost users’ engagement and increase brand’s recognition.

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The Post As A Page Feature

The Post As A Page feature, also known, as member feature and before this, users on the platform, had to get to their page, to put up a post.

This had been, rather, not been good enough and time-wasting.

When you now have content to share, or, post, you can do it, from that point, as this new feature will enable you, to avoid losing good content that you found and you do not have to, necessarily, visit your page, to do so.

According to LinkedIn, this feature, will bring about flawless user experience.

You can turn on this feature, by simply switching on a toggle, from the Homepage.

Invite To Follow Your LinkedIn Page

If you own a LinkedIn page for your business, making it grow is essential.

With the “invite to follow” feature, business page managers can invite their best-preferred connections, to follow their page.

The other user getting the invitation can, also, decline, or, accept, with the click of a button.

According to the team, this feature will allow professionals, to drive more engagement, in the business space.

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