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Social media has found a way to accommodate work professionals, into various social platforms of their choice, but none has appeared to have got the grips better, than LinkedIn.

Founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman, the medium has become the most preferred platform, for professionals from all works of life.

LinkedIn is, uniquely focused, on connecting people in the same niche industry together, while getting upcoming professionals, to have a laser-focused career path.

Not just individual professionals have benefited from this platform, but companies too.

Beyond organisations having their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, LinkedIn has, also, been utilised.

For organisations to have a full grasp of the potentials the platform has to offer, they need to start utilizing some LinkedIn features, probably not yet in use.

Here are some of the LinkedIn features that, your organisation should start utilising for productivity:

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

This feature of LinkedIn tends to increase a company’s brand awareness, thus, creating more leads and sales.

The feature appears on the top of the LinkedIn user message section, making it get noticed, easily.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, also, allows you to filter your audience, such that, you can send a laser-target customised message, to your specific audience.

Doing this, makes your clients come to your notice, easily.

LinkedIn Groups

Asides from the very popular Facebook Group, where people join to receive information and latest updates on their niche industry, LinkedIn, as a professional platform, also, offers the same benefit.

LinkedIn offers you a great deal, in promoting your business and its group feature offers such benefits.

On the LinkedIn group, you can be connected to other professionals, in your industry, to strengthen your network.

You can, also, share your thoughts, by posting valuable content and commenting, with unique insights.

Doing this will, likely, get your company new leads.

LinkedIn Live

Livestreaming is not just available, on popular social media platforms. LinkedIn, also, offers you such capabilities.

Livestreaming is another content marketing strategy that, companies can leverage.

Do you want your company, to have an increase in brand value, with a top-notched audience that will become potential leads? Start using LinkedIn live.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn offers you several great courses that you can leverage, for professional skills development.

The platform, also, makes the course available, for you to purchase, for your team.

Skills development is, no doubt, a great way to be on top of your game, in your industry.

With a LinkedIn course on Leadership, you are taking the game to another level of competition.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Are you the one in charge of executing business development for your organisation?

Do not look far away from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This feature can complement your efforts, in lead generation.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator utilizes, an algorithm that, easily, connects businesses with clients.

LinkedIn Jobs

Since LinkedIn is, a social network platform for professionals and potential job seekers, what better platform, can you explore, for job openings?

LinkedIn offers you the privilege of getting the best of job candidates, as you can assess their resume, beyond the paper presentation.

You see the people connected with them, their posts and comment type, as well as, those who have recommended them.

LinkedIn Premium

As a company, or, top brand professional, this feature is very important, if you, really, wish to explore the myriads of capabilities that, LinkedIn has to offer.

If you are a regular LinkedIn user, you must have, most likely, got notified of upgrading your account to Premium.

One of the advantages that this feature offers you is that, you are not limited, in having access, to all potential leads, that have viewed your profile, unlike the free account.

Are there other LinkedIn features you are using for your business optimisation, let us know in the comment section below.

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