LinkedIn Adds New Video Features and Tools to Improve Online Recruitment

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As part of its efforts, to assist candidates and employers, during the COVID-19 lockdown, LinkedIn has added new features to its video.

The platform has, also, launched its latest AI-enabled assessment device that assists candidates, in preparation for their interview.

Recently, more job interviews have been conducted in isolation, therefore, LinkedIn is speeding up the launch of its new video, which will enhance recruiters to demand job seekers to submit responses, in the form of video to a question.

This, according to LinkedIn, will help the platform to assess the presentation and communication skills.

“With video intro, once you receive applications for a job posting, you can invite the most qualified candidates, to answer up to two questions, from a list of options that include questions, such as, ‘Tell me about yourself’, ‘What is your greatest strength?’

‘Describe your most challenging project’. Candidates can choose to submit their answers, via quick video recording or written response”, LinkedIn commented.

From the last sentence, one may choose to, or not submit a video response, as some may feel uncomfortable, making a video clip.

LinkedIn has, also, added an automated tool that gives feedback on interviews. This will enable users to make video recordings of themselves, giving responses to interview questions. This will generate, an AI feedback, on your delivery.

The automated assessment measures, for instance, how fast you talk, the words you are using and overusing, alongside tips, on how to improve.

Not every candidate will be comfortable, talking to their webcam, however, the tool can provide valuable insights, while removing the pressure of talking to an actual person.

The more users try their hands on it, the more comfortable they feel. This leads to improvements, going for real interviews, while you will, also, leverage on the additional feedback notes it provides.

Currently, it may just be the only option you would have to, eventually, try out, as interviews are now being conducted online.

Very much likely, post COVID-19, will see that the interview process now goes digital. Remote working is now the real deal.

If employers are comfortable with their current employees, working from home and engaging them in video conferencing, then, what stops them from conducting video interviews with potential employees.

Though, over the years, businesses have quite resisted the possibilities of video meetups, preferring physical engagement.

The reality that COVID-19 has brought to the world, says otherwise. Businesses can work without, necessarily, having all employees, in one building.

With these new tools, LinkedIn could be playing important roles, in the future of work.

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