Knowledge Exchange Centre (KEC) to Hold its Second Career Workshop

Technology is already replacing human tasks and jobs are changing the skills that organisations are looking for in their workforce.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence, (AI), will affect every level of business and its people.

As more individual tasks become automatable, through AI and sophisticated algorithms, jobs are getting re-defined and re-categorised.

It is, however, important to note that, decisions, such as mass retrenchment and replacement of workers by machines, are largely management decisions, made by humans.

There appears to be a high level of human intervention, to steer the future of work, towards a more favorable development.

How will technology and AI affect the Nigerian employment landscape or the increasing workforce?

Will our response be one, to wait for the ‘inevitable’ change that will leave the majority of the workforce displaced, disadvantaged and unprepared.

Would it be one, which involves deliberate preparation by all actors, to empower and reposition the future workforce today?

A need now exists, to amplify our discourse, on the future of work in Nigeria and prepare ourselves on how to respond to the factors that will create mega disruptions.

Considering this, the Knowledge Exchange Centre, (KEC), career workshop 2, would hold on Saturday, May 11, 2019, with a full panel session on “Megatrends and Responses to the Future of Work in Nigeria.” Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr., (CFA), Presenter, Tech Trends on Channels TV, would set the pace rolling, as the moderator.

Knowledge Exchange centre - cfamedia

First-panel session
Technology: What is the impact of technology on the future of work?
Panelist: Aderinola Oloruntoye, Dean of Faculty, Digital Business Program, Workforce Group.

Second-panel session
Human resource development: How should the current approach to workforce development change?
Panelist: Dr. Oladapo Olayiwola, Director of Strategy Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations, CIPM.

Third-panel session
Regulatory environment: What sort of regulatory environment would better respond to the seismic change, to the future work environment?
Panelist: Adewale Oyerinde, Deputy Director, Membership Services, Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association, (NECA).

Fourth-panel session
Education: What do young people need to do, to be adequately prepared to join, (or remain relevant in), the workforce of the future?
Panelist: Epedeme Inyang, Senior Consultant, Darlberg.

Knowledge Exchange centre - cfamedia
Panelists at the first Knowledge Exchange Centre workshop

In addition, there would be two training sessions, targeted at final Year Students/Unemployed graduates and young employees on, “How to prepare for the future – focusing on personal attitude to learning” and “Developing a roadmap for personal development and up-skilling”.

Are you a Government official, business owner, employer of labour, human resource manager, senior executive, educator and CSO official?

If you are any of the above categories, then, this Knowledge Exchange Centre workshop is meant for you.

Cross section of some participants at the first edition

You can go ahead to register for this workforce event through this link.