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KnowBe4 Shares Tips On Phishing Attacks as Microsoft Tops List of the Most Impersonated Brand

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Running in its fifth quarter, giant tech company, Microsoft, has become the number one choice for scammers, through phishing attacks.

Unsuspecting victims are lured into pitfalls after they click on malicious content.

Each quarter Vade Secure, a security vendor, publishes a quarterly Phisher’s Favorites report, with a list of the top domains, under complex phishing attacks.

In the last quarter’s report, Microsoft retained its top position, followed by Paypal, Netflix, Facebook and Bank of America. Facebook has, recently seen attacks, making it, gradually, tailing Paypal.

Why Microsoft Tops The List

The dominance of the giant tech brand is, not far-fetched, from its profit-making Office 365 credential.

With just a credential, on this Microsoft feature, potential attackers, can gain access to loads of information.

Vade Secure, also, noted that these phishing attacks, are becoming highly sophisticated, as the phishers keep on repurposing CSS, JavaScript, as well as, other codes from Microsoft website.

This information is, now harnessed, to re-engineer a similar user experience that can mislead its users.

With big companies, like Microsoft, Paypal, Netflix and Facebook, coming under phishing attacks, organisations need to train their personnel, and not just looking out for susceptible emails, but also have a security centered mind, while at work.

There must be a deliberate effort, to up your game, on security awareness, hence, you could still stand a chance, to stop these phishing attacks.

A Phishing Security Test

Would you stand a chance, if you were faced, with phishing attacks? You can determine, from here, where you stand with your competitors, within the phishing Industry Benchmarks.

KnowBe4 Enterprise, an organisation that focuses on security awareness, shares its tips on securing your devices against phishing, include the following:

  • Immediately start your test for up to 100 users
  • Customize the phishing test template, based on your environment
  • Choose the landing page your users see after they click
  • Show users, which red flags, they missed, or a 404 page
  • Get a PDF, emailed to you, in 24 hours, with your Phish-prone % and charts, to share with management

One other important thing you can start practicing from today, is never to, under any circumstances, click on redirected buttons, on your mails.

What you should do, is to cut and paste such links, on a new browser on your device. This prevents your device from phishing too.

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