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Kevin Hart Social Media Mistake and Lessons From it.

Social media mistake - cfamedia
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What you post online lasts forever. Whatever you post, especially, if it is offensive, even, if you delete it, trust me that someone somewhere has saved it for future use, whether for ulterior or worthy intent, a reason you need to be extra careful of what you post.

The Academy Awards is going down on the last Saturday in February, but the awards show would take place without the expected host, Kevin Hart.

He was forced to give up the position sometime last year after an old offensive tweet from him appeared online. A social media mistake he never thought would come back for him.

It is a fact that social media has become a veritable tool in our daily communication and more people are getting logged on to the internet to reach out to family and friends all over the world.

We tend to express our feelings and exchange values through the platforms, but sometimes, we often use the medium to express outbursts of unnecessary anger at friends and foes alike.

The level of anger you express might not make you think that there are online records for your emotional outrage.

Jessica Nunez, CEO of TruePoint Communications, expressed her thoughts this way; “Your reputation lives online and how you engage in social media communities can sabotage your career,” she says. “If an organization’s leader or employee goes on social media, spewing hate, it can negatively impact the company for employing these folks, especially, when they are leaders.”

Avoid argument
If you are conversant with Facebook and Twitter, you will not be surprised at the exchange of abusive words traded on the platforms. You can disagree with other people’s posts, but you do not have to make comments that would ensure trading abusive words.

You should learn to control your emotions and eagerness to type comments that can project your name in a negative light. Learn to walk away from such posts as such social media mistake would cost you on the long run,

Think twice before hitting send
How would you feel, when your name appears in the morning newspaper, under a very acrimonious headline? I am sure you will not feel great.

Hitting the send button, while you are emotionally unbalanced, means a lot. The message you composed in that state, might not be reader-friendly. You cannot afford to let your emotions have a negative effect on your potentials.

On a more professional network like LinkedIn, you cannot afford to post without careful thoughts. You do not want to give a bad reputation to your brand or organization. It is a social media mistake you must avoid.

Take home

For all the benefits we reap from social media, it can also be a platform that can prove destructive to one’s reputation, if not handled properly.

Your social media activities last, even, beyond you. It is better to be mindful of your comments. You never know who is monitoring you on social media for ulterior motives. At all cost learn to avoid social media mistake, they can mar your future engagement

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