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iSon Technologies Advocates PPP for Technology Skills Transfer

iSon Technologies Advocates PPP for Technology Skills Transfer

The need for Public Private Partnership cannot be overemphasized, as this would serve as a catalyst for technology skill transfer and deepen growth in the ICT industry in Nigeria, iSon Technologies have said.

According to Akshay Grover, Chief Growth Officer at iSon Technologies, who spoke to journalists recently in Lagos.

He said, what could expand and deepen technology skill base is Public Private Partnership and a country like Nigeria, where technology inclusion is quite promising should not ignore that.

“Of course what could bring growth in terms of skill expansion is more of PPP in order to build and transfer specific skill base”, Grover to journalists.

He explained that relationship between active representatives from public ICT institutions and the private could go a long way in creating an enabling environment for technology skill transfer to thrive in Nigeria.

“However, what we can do is to leverage our skilled resources from especially India bring them to Nigeria, train existing engineers on this technology. Sponsor some of the Nigerians to do some studies for them to know this technologies. We allocate some of our budget to train the local staff, for instance we send them to Dubai for skill transfer.

iSon Technologies Advocates PPP for Technology Skills Transfer

After the training they come back to Nigeria to implement. When you have a large these skill transfers amongst a large number of people, they would have the understanding and that’s the starting point”.

In an interview with Punch, Grover said iSon Technologies current investment in Sub Sahara Africa values between $25million-$50million and the company is looking forward to beef up the investment value to $100million in the next 3months.

Although, he declined to respond to questions regarding the triggers and why beefing up the investment value.

He exclaimed “I wish, I could meet President Buhari and discourse with him. Nigeria needs to understand the power of the ICT sector. The GDP of Industry values at $2.2 trillion and I can tell you what role technology played, he concluded.

In his comments, Rahul Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer, iSon Technologies, said, it helps that we are an active delivery centre and ready access to unique technological skills but our continuous search for improved services.

He claimed that the company is extremely excited about the future of technology, especially in Nigeria, where there are potentials in technology inclusion. “We are ready to champion and lead the revolution in the Nigerian market.

“We are passionate about deploying tech services to out customers and clients in Nigeria and Africa. We have been in the mainstream of driving technology inclusion and innovation within the market, offering high end technology services to different countries in the world”, Rahul added.