Is Online Market Really the Safest and Most Reliable Marketplace?

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It is really exciting shopping in the online market. Mind-blowing how you do not have to take a step out of your home to get your needs. Right?

There is every possible reason in the universe, to shop online. The varieties of selections available for items, shipping and deliveries are fast and even, returns are easy and convenient.

Is the online market, however, really safe and reliable? With a lot of people venturing in sales in the online market platforms, you begin to question:

“How do I know, which e-tailer is more reliable, safer and sincere?” “What about the bad guys operating online?” Well, it does happen.

The online market is a 50/50 market. As much as it is a safe market, it can also be unsafe.

There are a lot of cases about people getting scammed, when they purchase products online.

I can testify to this because, I have been through it too. Clothes, which I ordered online were different from the ones delivered to me and I had already made the payment for it in full, online.

I called to inform the e-tailer and she began to give excuses. I further told her that I will return the clothes to her and get a refund of my money.

She refused and began to talk about a No-refund policy that was not earlier discussed, nor indicated.

I got disappointed, but further said I preferred to pick other items, rather than the ones she sent down and then the insult began, saying, that is not how business is done! I was really annoyed and at some point, her number stopped going through.

My money got wasted and the clothes still sit in its wrappings, beneath my wardrobe. Needless to say that the online retailer had lost a returning customer in me.

This is not the only bad experience that I have had, shopping online.

There are others, but the amount of good experiences, reliability and sincerity that I have had in the online market surpasses the bad experiences.

There are times we go to the brick and mortar market and still get scammed, right there, or do not get the quality of what we want, but that does not stop us from going back there to shop.

The most we can do is to stop patronising the sellers who have scammed us.

They have taught us to be more careful. The same thing applies in the online market.

The online market is, however, much stress-free, sweat-free and hassle-free than the brick and mortar markets in my reckoning.

My bad experience online shopping, probably got you disappointed, but it should not stop you from shopping online. Stay calm.

You just need some simple tips, practical advice and your intuition. Now, below are some tips on how to shop online,  with ultimate confidence and minimise the possibility of being scammed

  • Research e-tailers online to make sure that they are legit. Check out the reviews and comments on their services and products.
  • Put your card details in only secure websites. How do you know whether a website is secure or not? A padlock symbol should be beside the web address.
  • The web address should start with https:// with s, meaning Secure. Click on the padlock on the left to confirm site certification. Remember, the site might be secure, the seller might still lack sincerity.
  • Stick to websites that you are familiar with. Those are the ones you have patronized previously and consider reliable.
  • Never over-share your personal details like your card number and others. A lot of damage can be done by scammers, with the more they know about your personal details.
  • Don not shop in public. Avoid putting in your details on sites in public places, such as in a cybercafe. You never know who is looking over your shoulder!
  • Follow your intuition. Your mind would always speak to you, so, follow it.

What to do if you, eventually, get scammed? Speak up about it and do not be quiet like I was.

Bear in mind that the online e-tailer who scammed you, can as well scam 30 others so, help prevent that by speaking up.

Rather get mad and let people know what happened.

With those said, Shop online! Shop happy! Everything in life has its risks anyway.

Just make sure you avoid getting scammed and you would be alright.

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A final year Mass Communication Student at Les Cours Sonou, University, Benin Republic. She is an art and media entrepreneur.

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