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How Internet Users Can Deal With Cyber Stalking

The word “online stalking” has become popular recently on the web following the continuous growth of internet usage.

According to Get Safe Online Limited, “online stalking is the persistent and frequent unwanted contact from another individual that is highly undesirable and the outcome to either male or female victims is at best discomfort and annoyance, and at worst severe distress and mental trauma.”

There is always an intent behind stalking someone online, it is usually a bad one. Sometimes, it could be from somebody who knows you or someone you don’t even know at all. Your ex might even be the one stalking you online. That is why a relationship that breaks up in a bad way is disastrous.

Hackers are also found wanting in this kind of ugly situation where you are being tracked and monitored from one social media platform to the other. They are bent on searching for your personal information.

The risk factors of being stalked online are usually enormous; hence it is imperative that strong online security measures are adopted.

“People who have an internet addiction are at particular risk as they can “lose touch with the real world and find it harder to form relationships,

This means you become more invested in online relationships and can become fixated on them, says Emma Short, Psychologist from the National Centre for Cyber-stalking Research, based at the University of Bedfordshire.

It might be a bit confusing to figure out if you are being stalked online or not, but countries like England have laws that address issues relating to online stalking.

Whichever country you find yourself, stalking someone online is like invading someone’s privacy and therefore is regarded as an offense.

“Stalking is a type of harassment,” says Detective Superintendent Jon Gilbert in Bedfordshire

“It’s about how the victim perceives the actions. Even things such as silent phone calls have been seen to be harassment due to the impact that they can have on other people,” he says.

However, it is important victims of this cybercrime to always report to the nearest police stations or seek help from any other angle.

How to Prevent yourself from Cyber Stalking

  • Do not overload your profile with so much information, just make it simple.
  • Be cautious about public wifi
  • Ensure your wireless hub/router has security enabled.
  • Change frequently your email and passwords
  • Review all your privacy and security settings
  • Have and updated antispyware software installed
  • Financial details are critical; make sure you don’t disclose them
  • Be cautious about online forums and communities
  • Make sure you have the latest software update

Cyber stalking is bad because it’s an invasion of privacy. Try to implement some of the security measures listed. However, if all necessary information should be reported to the police if you are being stalked

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