Innovative Strategies for Organisations In the Age of Digital Disruption

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Over the years, technology and innovation have, basically, altered the way we go about our daily activities.

In modern times, the speed and scale of innovation, have taken its game, a step higher.

The rate, at which available technologies, are thrown to our faces today, appears to be unprecedented.

A quick look, at all industrial revolutions, shows that, the technology that comes with them, are all centered on one key innovation.

Nowadays, there are multiple technologies that can, drastically, transform industries and businesses.

In years back, also, it often requires, as long as, decades, for an industrial transformation, but today, disruption can take place, in a matter of months.

Today, the power to change an industry is, no longer left, in the hands of big organisations, having large resources.

An individual, with a disruptive solution, can as well, join the industrial revolution train.

The question now is, how well do businesses respond, to these changes, in this age of digital disruption.

Technology should come, after the problem

The idea of disruptive innovation is not about the technology that works, but the way the business model would leverage the technology.

Searching out a problem, while creating a way to solve them it is, what defines innovation in technology.

Moving from your concept to reality, you have various steps you can take.

Social and mobile, are avenues that, technology has, to leverage and recently, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, have taken over the technology space.

For companies, trying to implement strategies for disruption, they must consider running, changing and reinventing the business.

What organisations do, most of the time is, directing all their energies, to implement innovation.

This innovation is, usually, an incremental one, hence, there is an improvement in a version of an existing product.

An organization, at this point, should rather, consider a radical innovation. Look at a challenge that needs a solution and not a product that needs improvement.

Getting to record success today is, not an assurance, for staying long, in the business.

We are in a world, where drastic changes is the order of the day, thus, limitations to disruptive innovation will be fewer, due to the availability of more tools.

The more organisations explore the possibilities of innovation, the more the state of digital disruption

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