Innovation Showcase Week (ISW) 2020 Unveils West Africa’s Best Tech Solutions

18 startups, 500 business and industry representatives interact at Innovation Showcase Week (ISW )2020

In its second edition, Innovation Showcase Week (ISW) 2020 unveils the best of West-African innovation, a range of daring solutions to some of the most pressing industrial and consumer problems in multiple sectors.

ISW 2020 aims to connect corporates with companies in the Facebook accelerator and some of CcHUB’s portfolio startups.

In the 2019 maiden edition, more than 250 executives were hosted which saw the showcase birthed more than 50 collaborations and partnerships.

The two-day programme which ends today offers another unique opportunity for organisations to interact with the best of West-African Innovation and adopt these next-generation solutions.

Delivering the opening remarks at the day one of ISW 2020, Bosun Tijani, CEO, Cchub commented on how Nigeria as a country is pushing the agenda of innovation, making it a basis for solving the country’s challenges.

Innovation Showcase Week - cfamedia
Bosun Tijani, CEO, Cchub

Emphasising why the role storytelling is essential in driving this narrative, Bosun said, “Innovation is not just about doing and building exciting business, innovation is now a source of competitiveness for the nation”

Bosun emphasised that most of the emerging technology cuts across the key aspect of our lives, “Nations not strong enough in finding ways to use innovation would actually struggle”.

According to Bosun, making innovation work is not just the responsibilities of entrepreneurs but all are to participate as failure to do so poses societal challenges.

“The Innovation Showcase Week 2020, is not just showing what is possible, but also bringing people important people in the innovation ecosystem together to build, inspire and support the idea that innovation can thrive in Nigeria.”

A tour was taken around to see some of the products displayed, which included ballon-powered satelites, AI-driven fraud detection, blockchain-powered anti-counterfeiting, computer-vision powered glasses for the visually impaired and other ground-breaking solutions.

Here are the startups that displayed their products at ISW 2020

Education sector


Using maeutic-learning (Artificial Intelligence) to help students learn, master and evaluate themselves in any topic


Uses analytics and data-driven recommendations (Artificial Intelligence) to aid schools & parents to quickly identify gaps in their children’s learning and intervene before it is too late.


Creates interactive digital laboratory environments for schools that cannot afford/optimize laboratories.

Education (AR) to help students learn, master and evaluate themselves in any topic.

Healthcare sector


Computer-vision powered (IoT) glasses that help the visually impaired read and navigate their environments independently.


Uses deep technology (Hardware) to provide and build affordable hardware solutions to health problem


Has built IoT powered refrigeration (Hardware) solutions for preserving and transporting Agriculture and Healthcare products in locations without power infrastructure.


A claims and fraud detection (Artificial Intelligence) Platform for African Insurers


Is a social enterprise with a mission to increase access to mental healthcare by leveraging cutting edge technology (AR&VR)


It is a blockchain-powered anti-counterfeiting and consumer intelligence solution that helps FMCGs and Pharmaceutical companies reduce losses and engage consumers directly.

Fin-tech sector


It is a Pan-African financial data API, used to identify & verify customers in order to analyze financial transactions with Artificial intelligence and machine learning.


A financial technology company that provides digital financial solutions to cooperatives, trade groups and associations.

Logistics sector


Uses IoT to provide real-time insights and tracking of haulage, trucks and field operations.

Oil and gas sector


Automated aerial surveillance system, powered by balloon satellites (IoT), that helps companies monitor pipelines and other assets in real-time.

Hardware Telecoms sector


Hardware as a Service company that solves last-inch internet connectivity for Telcos, ISPs & Individuals.

Lifestyle sector


Makes it easy for Africans to shop beautiful and comfortable furniture inspired by African Culture.

Hospitality sector


Has created a smart home automation device (IoT) that allows individuals to remotely control electrical appliances in their hotels, homes or offices.

Meanwhile, Bosun had earlier stressed the need for the right storytelling that would push the narrative of innovative tech solutions in Nigeria.

Seeing the need for an effective narration of technology reporting to drive the innovation story that positively affects Nigeria, Bosun announced a Fellowship programme for journalists in the tech reporting space.

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