Infinix Mobility Reiterates Commitment to Meeting Consumers’ Need

Infinix Mobility Reiterates Commitment to Meeting Consumers' Need

Infinix Mobility marks its fourth anniversary in Nigeria, the smartphone maker launched two smartphones in a series- Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus. Following the launch, Justice Godfrey Okamgba speaks with Olamide Amosu, Communications Manager at Infinix Mobility

The delivered unique value propositions of Infinix Mobility to the Nigerian consumers right from inception.

Infinix mobility as a cutting edge technology company from its inception mapped out Nigerian market and its target audience to offering the best devices at an affordable price to different segments of the market.

As the Nigerian market preys on being unique, Infinix has used its product portfolio to carve niche markets within the product range market especially by offering premium technology with its smartphones; all Infinix devices are smartphones that come with dual SIM and are very durable. The brand is to continue to deliver what the consumers need and eventually become a household brand name in Nigeria.


Various regulatory policies in Nigeria that have downplayed the operations of Infinix Mobility and your positions on how such issue should be addressed.

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Infinix Zero and plus are pegged at N96, 000 and N116,000, although premium phones, what are the justifications tied to these prizes.

The Infinix Zero series is our flagship product line also our premium product compared to our three other product series. The Infinix Zero 4 & Zero 4 Plus are from our premium collection, and they are targeted at ‘The professionals’ who are creative and enthusiastic about technology to spend a bit more on their gadgets.

The new smartphone is equipped with a 21MP camera making it the best phone photography device in Nigeria; it is built for photography with Optical image stabilization, auto-laser focus 4x sharper zoom and its high-performance Helio10-core tri-cluster processor with up to 4GB RAM makes the duo a powerful smartphone. The device is like no other within its product specification group, and it is affordable considering its top-notch specification.

Infinix Mobility Reiterates Commitment to Meeting Consumers' Need

What has Infinix Mobility done differently in the Nigerian market that could have made the firm different from other players in the market?

The brand has been able to understand its customers and has listened very well to deliver products based on the needs of the market. With our product portfolio, we have been able to target our different consumer segments to offer them the phone specifications of their choice.

Now operating in 22 different countries around the globe, what’s the secret?

Our brand has grown and expanded fast, and I will say our strategy is to make sure we penetrate a major market within a region and expand to others with the footprint already created. Our success in Nigeria has allowed us to grow faster in other African countries as other markets around us tend to adapt product traits from this market.

Infinix Mobility Reiterates Commitment to Meeting Consumers' Need

What’s your market share in the Nigerian smartphone market and how many Infinix smartphone are sold annually.

We don’t disclose figures however you should know that we are leading within our product range segment, mid-ranged smartphones.