Meet the Incubated Start-ups at the South-South Innovation Hub (SSIH)

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The federal government through the South-South Innovation Hub (SSIH) is providing platforms to thrive for start-ups in the Southern part of the country.

With the job opportunities and creative innovation provided by these start-ups, it now appears a deliberate investment by the government to provide support.

Here are some of the start-ups incubated by SSIH;


Is an Education technology company, whose goal is to help students learn and pass their examination.

Applying its innovative E-Learning structure the platform uses audio-visual aids notes, practice questions as well as qualified to tutors to help students comprehend better.

Studihub also tracks the knowledge gap of students and suggesting courses to cover that knowledge gap.

According to its website, the startup believes that students are an exceptional part of Nigerian society, a building block for a better future.

Through the delivery of the right amount of educational content, Studihub beliefs that challenge students face can be alleviated.

Studihub was founded by Desmond Ezo-Ojile, an entrepreneur with a fine background in web development and embedded systems.


247Medic, a telehealth and digital healthcare platform that is streamlining the business of getting well and remaining well with a goal to create an efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem for patients and doctors.

Through its app patients in cities and rural area the access to call or chat with a doctor, request on-site laboratory services and get drugs delivered to their doorsteps.

The health start-up has different aspect which includes;

Doctor voluntary services, medical laboratory services that allow an online request for medical test

Connect merchants (pharmaceutical stores and hospitals) within range to patients

Online community connected to thousands of clinics, doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centres and labs across Nigeria
247Medic is located in Benin City, Edo State.

+LiFE (PlusLife)

South-South Innovation Hub - cfamedia

It Is a mobile communication software application that connects people to send and receive offline messages, share photos, and participate in online real-time chat with their friends and family, without depending on availability of network or internet data in any environment.

+LiFE was founded by Uduak Akpabio and has its location in Tinapa-Calabar, Cross-Rivers State.

Open employment

South-South Innovation Hub - cfamedia

Founded by Abiola Abisoye with its location in Calabar, this start-up is a job website whose primary focus is a reduction in the rate of unemployable graduates.

With this platform, it is easy to match a potential employee with an employer looking to hire, and producing the best match efficiently.

Also, training and feedback ratings help to sort through the long list of potential employees.

The start-up offers its users an opportunity to acquire multiple professional skills to boost their chances of employment.

According to its site, Openemployment is on a mission to bridge the widening gap between undergraduates and graduates and their prosperous career paths.

The platform positions itself to be Nigeria’s premier platform for Authentic Employment Opportunities.


“Numbers” is a deep technological startup, that uses Artificial Intelligence and Integrated hardware that enable vehicle/property owners/users to see their vehicle, property, and Goods from anywhere in the world.

Property owners and users access real-time voice and video of 360 degrees of their property from anywhere in the world and can communicate with people within such properties.

Founded by Nwasor Derrick, alongside Eloghasa Ikponmwoba as the Co-founder.

About SSIH

South-South Innovation Hub (SSIH) is one of the regional innovation hubs owned by the Federal Government under the National Social Investment Program tagged (NSIP-HUBS).

We work to source and support innovative ideas in the South-South region of Nigeria by providing start-ups and entrepreneurs(owners of such ideas) with free co-working space, free Internet, access to stable electricity, free legal services,free accounting services, business support/development services exposure to training/seminars and a collaborative environment.

SSIH is equipped with State of the art facilities and seasoned business developers that are saddled with the task of ensuring the growth and development of the ideas being incubated in the hub.

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