Improving the Health Care Sector: An Important Lesson from COVID-19  

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The health care sector is, unarguably, one of the most important sectors in any country, as it indicates the quality of the national health and life expectancy of its people.

It is, however, one of the most neglected sectors in our dear country, Nigeria.

A huge amount of funds are spent on frivolous things, such as, acquiring expensive cars and going on expensive medical trips abroad, by government officials.

These frivolities have replaced the top priority of properly financing the health care sector, leaving it in a very sorry state.

The implications and effects of ignoring the health care sector have been further exposed, by the novel COVID-19 that is now ravaging the world, like wildfire.

As the Yorubas’ will say; “the wind has blown and the behind, of the chicken has been exposed”.

This is the case, with the Nigerian health sector, as COVID-19 has exposed the struggling healthcare system and without any doubt, this sector needs undivided attention, to aid its growth and improvement.

At this juncture, we do not need a soothsayer to tell us that revisiting and re-prioritizing our national goals and budgets, in this regard, is of utmost importance.

The challenges ushered in, by COVID-19 should be very important lessons for the government.

In readiness for such future outbreaks, the urgent restructuring of the health care sector to work effectively and effectively is required.

At the passing of the late Senator Abiola Ajimobi, a politician was said to have tweeted on his Twitter handle, that were it not for the current COVID-19 pandemic, Ajimobi would have been flown out of the country, for proper medical attention and this statement generated a lot of angry reactions online.

That statement could only mean that lessons are not being learnt and measures, not being put in place, to revive our almost dead health care sector in Nigeria.

Going forward, improving this important sector, needs to be urgently reviewed, bearing in mind that there may be a more severe breakout in the future, which may meet us unprepared.

If adequate care is not taken, we might not live to tell the story. It is no gainsaying that the government needs to consider the health care sector and act swiftly.

Medical Centres should, essentially, be equipped with facilities that would aid the improvement of the health of the people, such that, they, as well as their families, can begin to seek medical care at home, rather than going outside the country!

Enough is enough, for embarking on misplaced priorities! The government should step up its game and improve its expenditure profile, with priorities for the health care sector.

COVID-19 should be seen, as a game-changer for financing the Nigerian health sector.

The pandemic has, so far, only confirmed the popular parlance that ‘health is wealth’ and ignoring this important sector, is a threat to the well-being of our nationals.

Finances should, thus, be channeled towards building and upholding a strong health care sector, to enable a functional medical health care system for the populace, for we are nothing without good health.

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