Importance of Global Unity in the War to Save Humanity

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It is no longer news that the claws of Coronavirus on countries of the world stings deep, with unprecedented situations and each one of them, have had a fair share.

In view of the life-threatening risks of the pandemic, containment of transmission of the virus prompted the adoption of stringent measures, which in turn, did induce hardship, generally, on communities.

There is, therefore, no gainsaying the fact that, the pandemic is a global threat.

The times have been difficult, even, for developed countries, with all their advancement in technology, sophisticated health care systems and well-equipped facilities.

The novelty of the virus, the rapidity of transmission and the difficulty in early detection of infected persons, have been overwhelming, for health workers and the government at large.

Medical facilities are stretched beyond measure, with the influx of patients, as new cases are getting confirmed daily.

The battle to save posterity, in these nations, has been a tough one. Containing the virus has not, in any way, been economical.

For governments, while bearing the costs of treatment and health care expenses for the pandemic control on one hand, had to, also, support the wellbeing of their citizens, who are forced to stay home, by giving them palliatives, so that the sit-home guidelines would be effective.

There is a popular cliché that says, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This reality is hitting us now, more than ever before, that we need each other.

For the first time in a while, the media and front pages of newspapers are not talking about trade wars, nuclear weapon power duels, racism, terrorism, poverty, or corruption; all as a threat to human posterity.

The common enemy, for us all now is, the coronavirus pandemic, hence, there are well deserved benefits of global unity, in fighting this enemy and the scars it leaves behind, side by side.

Global collective medical practices and research will help in the control of the disease and speed up the development of a vaccine.

There are speculations that a vaccine might not be available, till 2021, however, at present, more knowledge is needed and every idea could prove relevant and crucial for a vaccine development.

For the world to have a vaccine soon, there is the need for global unity among the nations of the world, to work hand in hand, combining efforts, selflessly, sharing information, knowledge and ideas, in both herbal, or traditional medicine, as well as, western medicine, towards developing one.

Likewise, sharing of experiences and lending a hand to nations with vulnerable health care systems, by countries that can, effectively, manage the pandemic, would play a vital role, in helping nations, with vulnerable health care systems.

Raising needed funds, for vaccine development will be possible and easier, through global collective efforts.

The cost of developing a vaccine is much, so pharmaceutical companies might have difficulties, in having to bear these costs alone.

With a long line of standard procedures to get followed, in the process of vaccine development and the need for expertise and resources.

The quickest way to getting results and yet, making vaccines affordable for the masses, when it is ready, would be to help fund the research and the development process.

A global funding mechanism would, therefore, make vaccine development, quick and effective.

Global economic strategies will, also, facilitate the reviving of the economy of nations, in the face of an impending recession.

Though each country has begun to take measures, drawing out plans, to save their economy from crumbling, under the weight of the pandemic, some of these measures could be, to the detriment of some vulnerable countries.

A global economic strategy will help do the check and balance, such that, while the revitalization of the economy is the objective, interests of all nations, are considered and regulatory measures, put in place, to protect the, economically, vulnerable.

Such measures might include, regulation of exchange rates, to control currency devaluation, financing through loans, or supporting economical and infrastructural development.

Fighting the pandemic is, a collective responsibility. Together, we can make history and come out victorious, against this foe of humanity, called coronavirus. Importantly, let us stay safe.

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