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IIM-Africa Raises Awareness Among Nigerians on Archiving, Record Management

As part of its effort to sensitize and educate Nigerians on the importance of record management processes and archiving, the Institute of Information Management on Saturday joined the global community to celebrate the International Achives Day.
To mark the June 9th annual event, the IIM team members rallied the streets of Lagos raising awareness amongst the members of public on the importance of records and archives, in an attempt to further make them understand that records and archives provide the foundation for their rights and identity.
Speaking before the rally, Dr. Oyedokun Oyewole, President / Chairman Governing Council, Institute of Information Management said June 9th is day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate the World’s Archive Day. “And as part of the global community, IIM is celebrates the International Archives Day by raising the awareness level amongst Nigerians in relation to information and record management.
Dr. Oyedokun said IIM since 2004 has been developing the frontiers of records and information management not just in Nigeria but across Africa.
The institute organizes programs, events and certification programs; all of these activities are geared towards making sure that information management professionals are abreast of with the latest trend, technology and best practice.
“We have worked and strategically partnered with several international organizations in the past to promote information management and archiving.
He explained that the Institute is making sure that organizations, government and people keep up with required and best standards of information management.
“Today, with the advent of technology, the way information is being conveyed calls for total cautiousness. That is why at the Institute, it is ensured that professionals and information managers are properly trained to handle the complexities involved in managing records and information.”
However, Dr. Oyedokun harped that there are several issues hampering the progress of information management in Nigeria such as the enabling laws, calling on the National Assembly to expediently pass the Data Protection Bill.
“For instance, the UK government recently reintroduce their Data Protection Regulation, that is what a country like Nigeria should inbibe this kind of a thing.”
He lamented that Nigeria has been carrying out the National Identity Card projects without having the ambling laws that ensure that data captured are being protected.
“No country has ever moved forward without having correct and qualitative data. How can the government know how many graduates it churns out every year, how about mortality rate or unemployment rate?”
In this part of the world, we only see things like buildings, lands, cars at assets etc. But data is also an asset that government should start taking seriously by taking proper actions that will ensure enabling laws.”
Meanwhile, Jummy Adetoyese Olagunju, Director, Awards, Institute of Information says 9th June marks a special day for IIM, also falls to the free quarterly training where there is usually a huge impactaction of knowledge.
“We need to leverage on information record management and archiving to make Nigeria and the world at large better.
He lamented that Nigeria is usually reactive to issues instead of being proactive, however, made it clear that keeping and archiving records is what Nigeria needs to be proactive.
“Most Fortune 500 companies have archived records and information which serves many purposes, they easily fall back it for references.
With what IIM is doing will help steer Nigeria to the right direction. And the greatest challenge we have in Nigeria is ignorance; many people do not understand or have the knowledge when it comes to keeping records and achieving information.