IBM InterConnect 2016

IBM InterConnect 2016: IBM’s Watson And The Internet of Things

Shaping the Future

IBM InterConnect 2016, a platform where the discussion for building new business models, creating new outcomes and transforming industries, held at Las Vegas, USA, proved to be a truly great learning experience. Industry leaders from around the world gathered to discuss on where the future is heading and how businesses can leverage different technologies to increase productivity and profitability. One of the most notable and attention-grabbing technologies that was introduced was the h open for business.

When Watson Shocked the World

Many tech enthusiasts still remember the day when IBM Watson competed in the popular TV show, Jeopardy against real humans. The show proved to be an exciting contest between humans and machines and Watson proved that machines have come a long way and are now ready to learn by themselves and compete with humans. The event was considered a breakthrough on many fronts, as Watson practically demonstrated that machines are now able to understand and interact in a natural language and learn from their mistakes.

Saying goodbye to traditional R&D approaches

IBM Watson maintains that machines are now able to cope with exploding growth of non-numerical information. That is when IBM asked how the potentials of the breakthrough from this project be fully utilized to create something of significant value. IBM knew right from the beginning that it cannot rely on traditional methods and R&D practices. IBM knew that R&D activities should be shifted towards becoming crowd-sourced while taking advantage of the wider customer, supplier and entrepreneur ecosystem. Instead of keeping Watson locked in research labs, IBM decided to release it to the world as a platform to run experiments on a variety of companies. This will definitely accelerate development of natural language services and applications.

IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analysis open for business, is the company’s first release of Watson Analytics that includes a freemium version designed to run on both mobile and desktop devices. Watson Analytics is a truly innovative natural language-based cognitive service providing instant access to powerful visual and predictive tools for businesses. Watson Analytics specialized in automating time-consuming tasks including predictive analysis, data preparation, and visual storytelling. Watson automates these tasks to accelerate user’s ability to get to the answers quickly by incorporating natural language processing. Users can also fine-tune their results and uncover unforeseen patterns.

Watson Analytics is being offered as a cloud-based freemium service allowing all business owners to access the service from any mobile of the desktop device. Watson produces results that explain why certain things happened and, what is more likely to happen in the future. That is a truly valuable piece of information as far as businesses are concerned and advancement in technology may prove to be a real breakthrough for businesses for quite some time to come. Users can fine-tune the question as they interact with the variables to achieve efficient results.

Reshaping the Future

Through Watson, IBM is applying the power of cognitive computing to the Internet of Things, IoT that can prove to be the tech industry’s game-changer. Billions of devices are now interconnected via the internet and IoT is all set to be one of the most exciting technological trends in the coming years. IBM is ready to leverage the power of Watson to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities provided by the Internet of Things. Watson, through its cognitive powers, enables businesses to have the ability to collect and integrate data from multiple sensor types, analyse the data and automatically learn from the interactions. According to estimates by IBM, IoT is creating huge market opportunities, able to reach $1.7 trillion by 2020. IBM is already in a strong position to capitalize on this potential with the Watson revolution.

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