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How IBM Cloud Is Transforming Tech Innovation

Since the last decade, we have seen a larger-than-life contest unfold between the famous propriety technology and the open-source technology. From 2014 onward, the IT world has dynamically transformed making the limitations between propriety technology and the open-source technology a bit vague. This is because propriety companies have been delving into open-source development and open-source companies are creating technologies that businesses require in order to be competitive.

Among these open-source companies, IBM stands out with its impeccable services it provides for businesses and individual users. The data-rich competitive 21st century companies have made IBM and its tools and resources a part of their routine, which is why it is one of the top-grossing open-sources companies out there. The new innovation coming from IBM is giving businesses the competitive advantage with its collaboration and scalability. Here are the major innovations coming from IBM:

Connects Apps to the Cloud

The new series of the offerings to connect applications to the Cloud will be supporting developers to connect the applications and data by accessing it from anywhere.

IBM and VMware

With the collaboration of the VMware and IBM, enterprises are easily, quickly and securely extending their workloads. The enterprises can do this from their own premises by integrating their data centers to the IBM Cloud.

Advances in Mobile Strategy

IBM Cloud is making use of SWIFT and is profoundly streamlining the production of the next-generation apps with innovative analytics, integration, designs and process transformation. For this, IBM Cloud has partnered with GitHub to deliver hybrid service and allowing 12million developers to collaborate in a secure and private environment.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Data storing, accessing, management and transferring flawlessly on the on-premises data centers across the global network of IBM Cloud data centers has been made prompt and effortless for developers.

Bluemix OpenWhisk

Microservices (small bits of code) are being combined by IBM Cloud to generate and transform data according to specific events.

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud has created a global business unit and is welcoming video opportunities and provides media management for the massive content libraries and also for them to prepare their content for various devices and screens.

IBM Middleware

All the requirements that enterprises need to manage, create, secure, run and monetize their APIs and applications across the hybrid cloud environment is now possible with IBM Cloud.

Secure Online Transactions

For the new generation enterprises, IBM Cloud has introduced the Blockchain technology for transaction applications that builds up accountability, trust and transparency while the enterprises streamline their business processes.

The open-source and propriety contest is somehow ending with the introduction of the IBM Cloud innovation. Tech enthusiasts are starting to realize that the open-source technologies are offering higher scalability, performance and reliability as compared to the proprietors. The prices are comparatively low as well with effective solutions, analytics, computing performance and higher mobile development features. Open-source platforms are winning over the IT world. With this kind of development from the open-source platforms, including IBM Cloud, people are being encouraged and are eager to learn more through tech education.

IBM Cloud is providing its users with everything they need to know and it is obvious tat the innovation it has unleashed and is going to unleash in the near future, will be more than beneficial for the IT professionals and individual users.

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  • there is a need to manage effectively the huge amount of data at the disposals of companies and thus IBM does wonders, especially the app connecting to cloud, this is a great leverage