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SystemSpecs, a brainchild of John Tanimola Obaro, a technology entrepreneur and public speaker.

The outfit started in 1992, as a 5-man partner agent and Value-added resellers, for SunSystems, an Accounting package, developed by Systems Union, UK.

It, currently, develops software, for the use of organisations, both locally and internationally, as well as, plays in the fintech.

SystemSpecs has not only risen, to become one of the biggest financial technology companies, in Africa but through its software, the “Remita app”, the company has found a lasting solution, to the corruption issue that, surrounded the governments collection of its revenues, by implementing the Treasury Single Account, TSA, in Nigeria.

It is now used, as a payment gateway and collection of funds, by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The company has, through a, professionally, charted strategy, spread its tentacles, across the financial technology sphere that, has exceeded the boundaries of Nigeria, other countries, especially, on the African continent.

SystemSpecs operates a service delivery model that is, guided by compliance with international standards and best practices.

This implies that any time the company has a reason, to work with you, you are assured of world-class service delivery.

The services that, SystemSpecs offer, are not, only geared towards giving users, a great experience, but, also, to place Nigeria, on the global map, as a top fintech delivery ecosystem.
The company offers services that are, basically, divided into:


The installation services provided by SystemSpecs, encompasses the loading of applications, on to users operating IT platforms and tuning these, for optimal performance.


The company’s Implementation Methodology Services, (SIMS), entails a close-knit collaboration, with the client’s project team, to assist in the configuring of SystemSpecs applications, for the client’s business.

Operating this way, SystemSpecs has been able, to meet up with the customer’s needs. A Post-Implementation Review exercise is, also, carried out, to evaluate how well your needs, have been addressed, by the implementation exercise.


SystemSpecs offer product overview and in-depth training courses, on an on-going basis, to different categories of users.

This, basically, ensures that users have a better understanding, of what they want to do and how to go about it.


SystemSpecs, also, helps to provide full back-up options and support, to every one of their customers that, signed up to their platform and want to have a maintenance contract with the company.

Delivery Channels

Customers have the option of choosing, from an array of service delivery options and determine the kind of service that, best suits the user’s company, as this helps to boost internal strategy.

All these benefits and lots more, are available to be accessed by the clients of SystemSpecs, for better performance. SystemSpecs is, also, constantly, looking for newer ways, in creating better customer relations initiatives.

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