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How to Use the Dashboard on your LinkedIn Profile to Improve Visibility

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There are, basically, a lot of ways to, effectively, manage your social media account, unlike before, when there was little, or, nothing you could do, to maximise the potentials of your social media accounts.

These days, through social media, some people have closed deals that have fetched them, millions of dollars in revenues.

It is, highly, imperative that, you understand how the social media world works, as it can expose you, to a lot of things, but then, one social media network, LinkedIn, seems to be the online hub, where thousands of careers/business individuals, congregate.

Understanding how LinkedIn works, will benefit you immensely and ensure that, you connect to more people, who will add value to you.

With just your dashboard, on your LinkedIn profile, you can boost your visibility and content strategy.

LinkedIn is, organized in such a way that, via your dashboard, there is a data section, which shows how visible your account is; who searched and viewed your profile, your posts and articles.

These analytics, are tools for you, to use and not to just view.

How, then, do you get a clearer insight, into how your LinkedIn account is, working for you?

Below are 3 ways you can find out.

Check Your Search Appearance

You can, actually, know how many people searched for you, on LinkedIn, by clicking on the Search Appearance, on your dashboard.

Going through the analytics, provided by LinkedIn, opens up new possibilities for you, to explore and this will help, to boost your profile visibility.

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LinkedIn’s algorithm, ensures that members with a photo, increase the odds, at which they will be, easily seen, exponentially.

Your profile ensures that you, easily, attract people’s attention, so, it is, highly, imperative that, you make it very attractive.

Monitor Who Viewed Your Profile

There is a spot, on your LinkedIn profile that shows you the data of people that viewed your profile, but this feature is only limited to premium subscribers.

You can harness this to boost your profile visibility, by checking, if there is any connection, between both of you.

If there is, a connection, between both of you like, maybe, you are both in the same industry, you can extend a hand of fellowship, by sending a short message, to the individual, explaining, briefly, what you do and how you both might be of help to each other.

Connections boost your profile visibility and ensures that, the right people take notice, of what you are doing.

Have A Clear Understanding Of What To Post And How It Performs

There is, a feature on LinkedIn that shows, how your post is, faring and how many people have viewed it. You will see a small graph icon, below your post, after it goes public.

This analytics is, an exceptional, way of knowing, exactly, what to post and when to post, to elicit, massive engagement.

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The more you understand, how this works, the more you will have a clear understanding, of how you can streamline what you create.

Finally, you can get a lot of things done on LinkedIn, if you take your time to understand, basically, how the site algorithm works. It will help you to connect, with the right people, who will help you grow.

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