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How to Prevent Mobile Malware

Malware infections are not only targeted at computers and servers, just like most people assume. Mobile devices are also a target for hackers, especially Android smartphones which accounts for over 90% of all mobile malware infections.

That is why it is not advisable to always click the download button all the time. If any smartphone user should download any file, it should be from a verified source.

Smartphones were most at risk, accounting for 85 percent of total mobile malware infections globally in 2016’s second half, according to Nokia’s bi-annual “Threat Intelligence Report.”

The effects of having these viruses on your device are quite devastating. That is why it is important to prevent anything that could infect your mobile device.

Here is what you need to do to prevent malware from your mobile device.

Avoid Third Party App Store

There are trusted App stores you should download Apps from. It is either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. For Blackberry users, they have their Store, as well as Window users.

Third Party App Stores are vulnerable to attacks because they do not perform regular security checks like other authentic play stores.

Avoid Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking your mobile device means hacking through the device programs to get something unusual done. This process alters and possibly compromises the security features of the device.

This process makes the device vulnerable to attacks due to some things were broken.

Update Often

When you receive updates from developers do not hesitate to download the updates. There are reasons for such updates, it could be to improve user experience in terms of security or operation.

Check out for updates and make sure you do the needful

Install Antivirus Software

Unfortunately, thee are just a few persons that install a paid antivirus on their smartphones. Smartphone users are always using the free versions of Anita virus software. The free versions do not do the job.

Install an anti-virus today to start clearing up infections from your device. The paid antivirus will detect any form of malware infection.

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