How to Motivate Your Employees to Provide Better Customer Service

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Excellent customer service is at the heart, of any successful business. No matter how fantastic your product, or service might be, or how well qualified your staff are, customers always remember the direct interactions they have, with your company.

Your customer service team is often the voice of your brand and therefore, the experiences of your customers, are defined, by the quality of the support that they receive. But what exactly is good customer service?

Regardless of the current situation that your company might be in, there is always room for improvement, so, let us discover 3 things that you can do, to motivate your employees, to provide better customer service.

Shine a Spotlight on Skills

In order to manage the needs of your customers, your customer service team need to have the right skills.

For example, it is vital that your employees have empathy, when dealing with customers.

Knowing how to handle people and provide the same level of service, each time is vital.

If you want to create memorable customer experiences, your employees must be able to relate to your customers.

At the same time, every customer is different and therefore, your employees must be able to handle surprises, sense the mood of your customers and adapt their approach accordingly.

Furthermore, communication skills are fundamental. Encourage your employees to use authentic and positive language and to stay cheerful, no matter what happens.

Additionally, no interaction should ever end, without confirming that a customer is satisfied.

That being said, good time management skills are, also, crucial and so, your employees must be able to find a balance, between dealing with one customer, while not leaving another waiting.

One way to ensure that your employees are the problem solvers that you need to succeed is, to include the above skills in mind, throughout your hiring process.

Be sure to look for candidates that communicate and listen well, can manage their time effectively and demonstrate empathy, attentiveness and patience.

Improve Your Customer Service Strategy

Once your staff have the skills to interact with your customers, you can, then, focus on employing organizational strategies, to provide excellent customer experiences.

Thanks to developments in customer relationship management software, getting to know your customers in detail, is easier than ever before.

Customers love to feel that they have access to real people, so if you can make suitable recommendations for products and services on the basis of data that your company holds about their likes and dislikes, then, you can show your customers that, they are valued.

CRM platforms, like Salesforce, allows you to cater your customer interactions, to suit their specific needs.

By compiling customer profiles from touchpoints, such as phone numbers, credit card transactions, mobile app hits, loyalty program membership, browser cookies and other device IDs, you can build trust and practice proactive customer service.

Anticipating what can make your customers happy, before they come to you with problems is just, one of the many benefits of using CRM platforms. If you would like to discover more of the possible advantages of CRM systems, is filled with useful resources.


Feedback is one of the most important ways to determine, whether your customer service efforts are successful.

Although being proactive can make a huge difference to the experiences that your customers have, with your company, if you want to learn about just how your customers feel that they have been treated, you must create an easy way for them, to give you feedback.

Nowadays, you can use your CRM platform, to manage your feedback, which relieves your employees of the administrative burden, so that, they can focus on putting any pressing issues right.

Teach your employees that customer data, allows them to adjust and improve their approach, so they can add prolonged value, to the lives of your customers.

For example, if your customer retention rates are slipping, or if you would like to know more, about the strengths and weaknesses of your products and services, then, your actual customers are best equipped, to supply this information.

If used correctly, customer feedback, can be a powerful driver of innovation.

Above all, taking an active approach to monitoring your feedback, demonstrates that your company is committed to customer service excellence.

Ultimately, it is no secret that positive customer experiences can lead to higher retention rates and better- quality relationships, between companies and customers.

By ensuring that your employees possess the necessary skills, to provide excellent customer service, your company should be able to deliver customer service that keeps your customers content, while at the same time, boosting your business.

During any kind of crisis, your customer service department can offer much needed support, to your customers.

To learn more, this guide to supporting your customer service team during a pandemic can provide some helpful tips and insights.

Authored by Luke Thomas

Featured Image: salesforce

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