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How to Make Use of the Auto Correct Feature Effectively

This smartphone feature called Auto Correct is good and could also be embarrassing sometimes. “Auto correct is an automatic data validation function usually found in word processors and text editing interfaces for smart devices.
The main function of this feature is to spell check and correct common spelling typos. It saves times when it doesn’t mess up. While the reverse is usually the case when it does a good job.
The fact remains that to some extent people tend to judge you based on the put content you put out there. Some errors send the wrong signal. In fact, that is one of the reasons media houses have the sub desk. This department checks what has been written to correct any error.
Meanwhile, without checking what you typed, the auto correct feature could change a supposed business mail or text to something dirty, hurtful, such that you will feel like retracting it.
Here are three ways to customize your autocorrect feature.
1. Make your Android dictionary personal; add your choice words, slangs, names, morphemes to your Dictionary.
The key thing to understand is personalization. Make the words that your autocorrect feature on your phone brings up are yours, how you want and what style as well.
This auto correct feature has a functionality that is similar to an AI machine. It recognizes your choice of words over time. This means, when it is auto corrects you, it doesn’t bring up unnecessary predictions.
When you enter a word, and it gets changed or overwritten with a word different from the one you typed; you can revert it back to the originally intended word by pressing the back or delete button. In some cases, you might need to delete the autocorrected word completely and type again. The keyboard will now mark such word wrong or unknown by a red line.
Such word can be added to the dictionary by tapping on the underlined word and tapping the ‘add to dictionary’ to replace or save the entry. Henceforth, your words won’t be autocorrected again.
Maybe your keyboard doesn’t have the option to double tap and add to dictionary. You will have to go to your phone settings, open Language and Input, go to Personal dictionary, use the plus (+) sign to add new words.
2. Customize Third Party Keyboard Apps
It’s a different game when you are using keyboards other than the default android device keyboards. There are different ways to personalize such keyboards because they are from different developers and they also have different layouts.
As stated earlier, these keyboards can actually learn your typing habit and style. They learn, adapt, and take notes of new words or frequent words you use. But in case it doesn’t, you can go to the settings of the particular keyboard type you using and click to add new words. You can also make use of the prediction box that shows just above the keyboard. Such keyboards include Swype, Touchpal, Swiftkey, Flesky etc.
3. Disable or enable the autocorrect feature.
If you feel you do not need any spell checker when you are typing, you can disable the feature completely. It is pretty simple.
Here is how:
Language and Input (Keyboard)
Spell checker or Google Keyboard
Turn the autocorrect button off.
Same method is used to turn it on.


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