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How To Grow A Successful Family Business

The family business has proved to be one of the best types of venture to try out, over time.

Ever wondered, how Mars chocolate business, or, Ford Motor Company, has survived, to this day, after being started a long time ago, as family businesses?

They owe it to hard work, sweat and family ties.

These two, are examples of businesses that show that family venture can, indeed, be successful, if handled well.

This venture is the most difficult one to maintain; less than one-third of family businesses survive from the first to the second generation

Whether the business is between spouses, siblings, parents, and children, or, the extended family, there will always be issues, which can affect it negatively.

These issues must be well addressed if the business will survive.

Start-up businesses already have their challenges and combining these challenges, with family issues, will end up in stress.

Here are some things you can consider:

Separate Business From Family Issues
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The first thing to do, while running a family business is, to set boundaries.

Work mode should be totally different, from the family mode. Work issues, should not be intertwined, with family issues and vice versa.

If this can be properly done, it is the first step, to having a great business in the family.

As a family business, learn to address business, as a business and not family.

There should be a time, set aside for addressing business issues.

Business issues should not be addressed during family moments, as this will only aggravate unnecessary tension in the workplace.

Allocate Roles To Each Family Member

It is wise, to write out plans, for formal references.

Each family member’s entitlements should be officially written out, to avoid rifts among its members.

It is important to note that, clearly dividing roles, among family members, will bring efficiency in duties.

Everyone cannot do all things together. Everyone should have his, or, her own specific task, so, there can be orderliness.

Have A Succession Plan Known By Every Family Member
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One reason most family venture fail is, because of the negligence of succession plan.

One generation will not be around forever, so, how do you plan on keeping the business going on, for more than a decade, or, for centuries?

The best way to do this is, to have a concrete succession plan.

Once this is stated, not just any member of the family will want to succeed as the head of the company, as this can cause serious disagreements.

Seek Opinions, Sometimes, From Those Outside The Family Circle
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Running a family business, will often, be, too enclosed, hence, it is important to seek opinions from other people, from outside the family circle.

Fresh, creative ideas can help, to bring innovations.

Getting ideas from the same people that, reason the same way, every day, will cause limitations to the business.

As much as you respect the feelings and ideas of your family members, now in your workforce, it is vital to seek advice, from neutral grounds, outside of the family to ensure business growth.

I am sure that, trying these strategies out will help, to elongate the life of your family venture.

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